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Whoa, now, Cuomo does have himself in a fix. Those women are coming after him and they are being noticed. Now women coming after most Democrats are generally easily ignored. Who was that who said Biden was too touchy-feely or … Continue reading

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Edith Murray was called Granneth by her family.  She liked it much better than Grandma Edith.  The little ones learned quickly to say something that sounded like Granneth.  Her grandchildren were always anxious to show off their new ones as … Continue reading

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CLYDE To my one and only brother, Just him,  I’ve got no other. Here’s  how we got one another, It’s cause we have the same dad and mother. Just want you to know I have no druther Than … Continue reading

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I came upon this writing while going through a family scrapbook. I think it is worth a share to others. I have told some members of the writer’s family that I would post it for those who would like to … Continue reading

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The top image is the news release about a class I was teaching at the Senior Center a few years ago. The second, below, was the first page of my teaching plans. It was an eight week course. It was … Continue reading

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Birth, 1998: 3 Pounds, 12 Oz* First picture: Three weeks old: 4 Pounds, 13 Oz Second picture: Twenty-two years old. Bigger than that! “Big jobs usually go to the men who prove their ability to outgrow small ones.” – Theodore Roosevelt … Continue reading

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There once was a child named Sadie Who bounced, jumped, and twirled As bands slipped from hair uncurled. Would Sadie ever become a lady? Now ninety, age has done her no favors And sitting has now replaced labors. Her mind … Continue reading

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“Hurry, Baby, we have to get out of here before the snow gets worse,” said Roger to Ashlyn as they went out the door. Sammy and I stood in the door watching them go. Ashlyn hurried along beside her “Haw-Hee.” … Continue reading

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Great-great-grandmother – As the ebb and flow of life Brings me Oliver! _______________ Picture is my real great-great grandson. Adorable, huh? _______________ Written for Ronavan A weekly haiku challenge by Ronavan Writes

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I’ve told you before that I used to be active in the Democratic party. In my rummaging among old school materials I found these bits. So I’m sharing a bit from my past. I’m not sure whether this picture of … Continue reading

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