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Fifty-seven percent of high schoolers believe there are two genders.  When this headline drifted by on TV the other day, I remarked that that would mean 43% believe in more, less, or mixed up something.  I didn’t believe it.  And … Continue reading

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This is a cut and paste, first posted four years ago. I don’t see any improvement in any of the charges I made at that time. Since then much more has been done to separate public school children from their … Continue reading

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“Looks like fun goes on down there.” “I wonder whether my mom and dad are at the party.” “What makes us think we even have a mom and dad?” Such statements could be heard among all the little personalities who … Continue reading

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Men, men, what would I do without them? I am blessed with many good men in my life: Sons, Grand-sons, Brother, Brothers-in-law, Nephews, Pastor, and Friends – And most of all, my husband, Sammy. Without him —- Instead of picking … Continue reading

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What’s this?  No designation for male or female on birth certificate!  Outrageous!  Call any grandmother near the hospital for consultation.  They can likely help.  Maybe even put one on staff.  Beef up their social security pay. If we can’t trust … Continue reading

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