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Today I’m taking a second look at my “Cooking for Two” book. The girls pictured above are my mom, Amy, and her sister, Gladys. They would have been about fifteen and sixteen. Therefore, I guess this book was written for … Continue reading

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I suppose the scripture I have heard most on Father’s Day sermons is the story of the Prodigal Son. How much the Father waited and loved him! How wonderful the party thrown in his honor! In recent years it has … Continue reading

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Hayes’ Comment/Question/Discussion:   This I cannot document  but I believe it based on faith, experience and the scripture Matthew 18:10, For I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in … Continue reading

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The following selection is from a Facebook status written by my nephew, Teral Crawford. Teral retired last month. How the years have flown by! Enjoy his memories of the kind of life my mom and dad provided. What’s on my … Continue reading

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“Oomph,” Shirley grunted bending her knees. Was Edgar trying to play a fast one on her by giving her this spinning wheel? He said this was Aunt Gerty’s old wheel. But she didn’t believe it. He probably stored the original … Continue reading

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As I entered a public building, I saw a little girl, about six or seven maybe, sitting on a bench outside the door.  I asked her if she needed help; she said no, her mother told her to sit there … Continue reading

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Mr. Jackson was a traditional fellow, practicing things his mother taught, like the Golden Rule and respect the elderly. He also went to schools that studied master poets and writers. He loved old poets, Tennyson, Wordsworth, and Emerson. Mom gave … Continue reading

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It is time to put my mind to the Thanksgiving/Christmas family times.  Thanksgiving is November 25 and Christmas is December 25.  At least that is on the calendar for 2021.  Dr. Fauci may be cancelling but most of us have … Continue reading

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For twenty years I have displayed pre-loved flatware on a large doily on my wall. These 19th century utensils were used by my Great Grandmother Moore. They were passed on to me from my grandmother. The large doily was crocheted … Continue reading

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The Sam/Oneta Hayes family tree grew another branch this year. (He is a little twig right now but growing rapidly.) Five generations with the head being a man is rather unusual I think. Most five generation pictures I see are … Continue reading

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