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Most of you were with me on a study of Habakkuk last year. I will not repeat them at this time; however, I did want to insert this Book here so you can see where he stands in the lineup … Continue reading

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HABAKKUK, GOD, AND ME, #4 conclusion

THINK IT OVER: GOD DOES NOT GRADE ON THE CURVE!   “But Mr. Justice, you know I did the best in the class, why   are you going to fail me?”  “Because you did not complete my requirements,” Mr. Justice replied.  Habakkuk … Continue reading

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Random thoughts regarding environment and choice jewels from Habakkuk. Responsibility to the environment, 2:17.  “The violence you have done to Lebanon will overwhelm you and your destruction of animals will terrify you, for you have shed man’s blood; you have … Continue reading

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Taking a look at Habakkuk. Now I see why I love it. He and I share the same questions about this world we live in. And when we have a talk with the Lord, we still have questions, and we … Continue reading

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