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Hope you enjoy this rerun.  It is near the top of all my posts as far as likes and comments.  I still get a kick out of it.  Come and grow old with me. ***************** How humiliating!  I had to … Continue reading

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“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.”  So saith the Bard, Shakespeare.   Forgive me, Shakespeare Fans.  My Shakespeare classes are long gone so I can do what I want to with my memories of his writings.  However, … Continue reading

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Does this mom get a bit carried away with her idioms?  Have fun with this “idiomatic” mom. ************** Dear Son, my own flesh and blood: To see you would be a sight for sore eyes.  You are the heart of … Continue reading

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“Thank you,” I say, to a passer-by who wishes me a nice day; “Thank you,” I say, for the stick of gum being passed my way; “Thank you,” I say, to the dog-catcher who returns my pet who is prone … Continue reading

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When I sit in this chair, my mouth opens and doesn’t close for two hours.  No, it’s not me under happy gas in the dentist’s chair.  It’s the hair stylist’s chair and it’s time to TELL JESSICA! God’s majesty – … Continue reading

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Dear Mr. Colgate Man

  Dear Mr. Colgate, CEO Man (Sorry, if you are a Ms or Mrs or Something Else. I am gender identity challenged.) First, let me say I am fully behind Giant Corporations.  They are very good at hiring my men … Continue reading

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  Here I sit, cozy in my reading chair, feet propped on the bed. Meditating on the majesty of the Creator, Pulling bits of scripture from my head. Mountains, space, sky, and sea… When what a simple thought occurred to … Continue reading

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Just making my way through the one-way aisle by my dining room table and thinking, “I declare if I didn’t know this was my house, I would think an old woman lives here!” Smile, my friends, while I pick up … Continue reading

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I went to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription.  Then this exchange between the pharmacist and me regarding the pills that are wrapped separately and ridiculously hard to open. “Why do they pack these pills like this.  They are … Continue reading

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  AMAZING THOUGHTS ON “GREEN” Ireland. Big bucks. A newby (like being naïve) A greenhorn mechanic Not ripe What grass is not during a drought My refrigerator left overs A Herbalife color Color of a peacock feather Being green with … Continue reading

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