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(Note: This is fictitious. My experience only via peers) Poets are often out of balance When extolling the beauty of silence.             The quietness after the screaming child           The stillness … Continue reading

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Hey, that little guy is Pete; He is skilled with his feet. Three goals in one game! Now there’s more to his name. Three goals make him “Hattrick Pete.” Sorting through some “stuff,” I found this picture from long ago – … Continue reading

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By a girl, poor Tommy was smitten For her, he’d gladly take a lickin’. Washed his face, combed his hair Bought new clothes- even underwear – And proposed marriage as soon as was fittin’. Now Sally for Tommy didn’t yearn Enough … Continue reading

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Adios, au revoir, tata, farewell All mean you’ll be gone a spell. If you cheat while you’re gone, And hit your bed after dawn, Returning, you’ll hear your death knell. ************** Thanks, Rashmi, for the prompt:  here       … Continue reading

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  He’s a well trained puppy, all around You say, report him to “Lost and Found?” No, I’ll not bother to look for the owner I consider him to be a donor. I’m  gonna keep this nice grey hound. —————- … Continue reading

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Oh the magic of it all, Girls, petite, and gentlemen, tall; Moonlight, music and skinny dips Sparkling eyes and inviting lips. But alas!  ‘Twas a short spell.  Don’t bawl!  

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The immortal soul is eternal, With spirit form that’s supernal. Some deny its reality, Believing all is mortality. The fleshly home is the soul’s external. ———— https://mindandlifematters.wordpress.com/limerick-poetry-challenge/   Week 2, subject “immortal”  

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That dude had so much pride He tossed all his clothing aside, But to his chagrin The laughter begin He  quickly re-covered his hide! To enter Rashmi’s event:  https://mindandlifematters.wordpress.com/2015/11/13/limerick-challenge-week-6-pride/  

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Winter, spring, summer, or fall Whether you’re rich, poor, short, or tall It’s a joy to be alive Helping others flourish and thrive Welcome to Limerick Challenge, You All! https://mindandlifematters.wordpress.com/2015/10/08/a-new-challenge-announcement/#038;c=1392#comment-1392  

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