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WOW! Ps. 18:19 He (God) delighted in me?!! He didn’t rescue me because I delighted in Him (why would I not) but He delighted in me (why would he)? Oh, WOW. Just take some time here. This will knock your … Continue reading

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Headline: Horrific: Biden admstration’s handling of Haitian migrants at US border is shameful Headline: Chuck Schumer Criticizes Biden Administration Over Treatment Of Haitian Migrants Biden has had to come out of the basement lately, so we occasionally find a taint … Continue reading

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Roughly? What kind of school knows roughly how many students have gone to Afghanistan? Oh, a California school. Interesting. You should probably read it. Of course, yours truly agrees. As I write this a news flash says the Supreme Court … Continue reading

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Reporter: “Sir, you saw what happened?” Nervous witness: “Yes. About an hour into the inquisition, Mr. Brown reached for the Bible to take the oath. Suddenly there were startled expressions on all the faces as everybody’s eyes were focused on … Continue reading

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Today is a example of the power of media.  When I looked at the candidates who will be in the debate tonight and saw that Fiorina was left out, I thought, “For goodness sake, people will think this is a … Continue reading

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