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The Humpty Truck has been retired at age 55.  I took it to the Mustang Museum where it looks like he will have a safe and enjoyable life among other toys with similar tastes, values, and memories. Humpty was thirty-five … Continue reading

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I’m having another birthday soon.  So being nostalgic. FEELING BITTERSWEET Wearing sack dresses and platform shoes Reading Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Feeling bittersweet. Singing “How Much is That Doggie in the Window” Seeing Lassie fight bears and leave them … Continue reading

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During the winter of 2012, I was most near skinny.  I had been sick for eight months and lost about seventy pounds.  Deciding to live it up a little with my new, rather nice figure, except of course for the … Continue reading

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            (Picture is my granddad and grandma.  I’ll tell you about Grandma’s bonnet                                             … Continue reading

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Stoked embers sparkle Producing a glowing flame Lighting memories.   https://ronovanwrites.com/2017/06/26/ronovanwrites-weekly-haiku-poetry-prompt-challenge-155-emberflame/

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Sadly I admit to contributing to the falling away of such things as decorating graves.  Due, I suppose, to the fact that I have no one buried within 350 miles of me.  And compounded by the lack of a decision … Continue reading

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“Won’t you sit down and rest a spell,” invited my mom.  My guilty conscience magnified the pleading in her voice. “Mom, I would love to, but I’m so busy,” “That’s the reason you should rest a spell,” she observed quite … Continue reading

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Early morning saints are bundled up near six o’clock to go to the tabernacle which is heated only by a large wood burning stove on this July day in the 1940’s.     Each of my family are just beginning to stir … Continue reading

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(Sharing a Facebook status from November ’14) I have been challenged by a friend to tell nine things about myself, presumably things you might not have known before. So here goes: Although I was raised on a farm, I sat on … Continue reading

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FIREBUG!  That as the name of a play that my class performed in high school about 1949.  My class was small, just over twenty students.  Apparently they tried to give a role to everybody since I was assigned the role … Continue reading

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