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I’ve peeked through this door before, It’s a land where children dwell. I was not allowed to enter I was not born alive and well. I never learned to eat or walk Never heard my mother talk. I guess they … Continue reading

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Re-blog from 2016: I went to sleep after having arrived at a decision. It was perfect. I hadn’t had to plan to get my revenge. It had just dropped in my lap. All I had to do was ask a … Continue reading

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After midnight.  My son, Carl, was not home.  He was over twenty so no problem except that I am a mom.  Sleep was hazy. Phone rings.  Sammy (Dad) answers because the phone is on his side of the bed.  Old … Continue reading

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That is the ugliest sweater I have ever seen, Gold splatters on the red and green, Background snowflakes adds some sheen, Christmas balls – count ‘em, there’s sixteen. ****************** Does that poem scream at you?  Do you want to say, … Continue reading

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Today I saw this following exchange on Face Book.  (Names changed and my paraphrasing.) Elise:  “Pray for me.  I’m going for a job interview.  First I’ve had for eight years.” Response from Janice:  “You can do it.  I just had … Continue reading

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“Hey, Mom, guess what I found in the attic in our old house on 18th Street,” Roger called as he excitedly showed me my wedding dress.  We had moved into that house in 1965 so it had been there thirty-five … Continue reading

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MY THANKS FOR THE MEN WHO WENT AND FOR THE WOMEN WHO WAITED. AND THANKS ALSO TO THE WOMEN WHO WENT AND THE MEN WHO WAITED. ******* Perceived conversation: “Did you get a letter from Johnny?”  “Yes.” “Where is he?” … Continue reading

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Lucinda shivered in anxious expectation as she came home again.  She was thirteen years away from the 21-year-old who sat out to find life.  She had loved and lost, lived in lack and luxury, and learned a lot, but had … Continue reading

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The “Fizzled Enchantment” and other stories of ruin tell stories of The Eye who disguised itself as a spider and silently clung to the top right corner of the 14-foot-wall in the old Imperial Inn, Hattenville, TX.   It was a picture … Continue reading

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DENNIS THE MENACE – AMERICA’S BELOVED PEST “What are little boys made of, made of?  What are little boys made of?  Rats and snails and puppy dog tails.  That’s what little boys are made of.” Images of Dennis drawn by … Continue reading

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