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When we began this study ten weeks ago, I hoped to do three per week. I failed miserably in reaching that goal. My harshest criticism of myself regarding this series, is that I did not do so. I feel like … Continue reading

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Malachi prophesy occurred after the Zerubbabel’s temple had been build, so the temple issue had been settled, but God’s issue through Malachi regarded what the kind of offerings  they were presenting to him and their attitudes during those sacrifices. 1.  … Continue reading

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Zechariah was a contemporary to Haggai, calling for repentance at the same time Haggai was calling for the temple to be rebuild.  He begins with a call for repentance, then goes on to describe seven visions:  A Man Among the … Continue reading

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This message was given by Haggai to Zerubbabel eighteen years after Cyrus issued the decree that sent the Jews back to Jerusalem from their captivity in Babylon.  This first flux of Jews returned with much enthusiasm but their enthusiasm was … Continue reading

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Chapter 1:1  Details of Zephaniah’s heritage.  We can think of him as speaking to his own “family” which is different than many of the prophets.  Would that make him more or less apt to be listened to?  In that day, … Continue reading

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Most of you were with me on a study of Habakkuk last year. I will not repeat them at this time; however, I did want to insert this Book here so you can see where he stands in the lineup … Continue reading

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Nahum’s ministry was about 140/50 years after Nineveh had repented when warned by Jonah.  Nineveh was the capital of Assyria, the nation which ravaged nation after nation.  They were extremely wicked and God has again lost his patience with them.  … Continue reading

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We have now completed one half (6 of 12) minor prophets.  My goal was to show how these messages from OT prophets are still timely to America in the 21 century.  The heart of man has always been the same—greedy, … Continue reading

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Micah was a contemporary prophet to Isaiah, Amos, and Hosea.  His ministry was to Judah (the Southern Kingdom) during he reign of Hezekiah and other lesser known kings in the 700’s BC.  Jerusalem was the capital of Judah.  Micah uttered … Continue reading

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         Jonah was a contemporary prophet to Amos and Joel.  His message was to Ninevah, the capital of Assyria, before Assyria overran the Northern Kingdom of Israel.          Jonah is a straight through easy read book written as a narrative … Continue reading

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