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From Linda’s prompt: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “a song from your childhood.” Think of a song from your childhood and just write. Have fun!   Tag:  SoCS   To you young folks who were born listening to … Continue reading

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(a copy/paste from nine years ago) How many “layers” of doors do you have to enter to get into your church sanctuary? Probably at least two, maybe three or more-exterior, lobby, at least. I’m remembering when on-lookers sat on the … Continue reading

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LISTEN UP, LADIES (second time around)

Cut, edit and paste from 2017. I’ll probably be off the blog for a few days. I’m fine but working diligently on a family project. Listen up, Ladies.  Many of you I am mad at!  I have been where most … Continue reading

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ODE (or something) TO DR. FAUCI

On the ground and in the air Dr. Fauci’s everywhere. He shuns busses, chooses limos or planes. People seek his latest science for their pains.      He’s has proven to be right      Often enough to stay in the fight. … Continue reading

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I have been reading the book of Joshua and am impressed with how important it was to God that the tribes have very specific borders.  He let them search out the land and come back with sections described and Joshua … Continue reading

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Do you like my new picture?  I pulled it out of a photo in which I was surrounded by my family, so I enlarged it, and enlarged it some more until it got large enough to use,  thus the blurriness.  … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s reblog shows  where I stood last year – the year we now see as peaceful, normal; the year we long to go back to – the year I was only charged with racism!  Yelling racism became so rampant it … Continue reading

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  Dwindling common sense Barely makes a ripple. PC run amok! ********** Image: Unsplash, Randy Colas Haiku challenge by

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After finishing a five hour duty last week, I  decided to stop at Aldi’s to pick up some food.  Since I was tired, I tried to keep my selection to the minimum.  However, I found that I had to carry … Continue reading

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PEACE A quality far too many people lack, choosing chaos for the sake of “feminism” and “political correctness” for the sake of winning. ********************* If I haven’t made you mad enough to “un-follow” me yet, just wait.  I have the … Continue reading

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