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  Bettin’ Billy walked with a swag He’d won four grand betting on the nag. No one else thought she would win So the pay-off was good for him. He looked around and saw a good-time girl They had ten … Continue reading

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  I came to be by way of a little hanky panky back in the long ago, by way of the Moores, who are said to be offspring of the Campbells of the infamous traitorous treatment of them toward a … Continue reading

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Well, dear readers, I am stymied! I can’t prove by the Bible what I was going to present as my reason number four that God sometimes does not seem to be Jehovah-Jireh, God our Provider.  So I have no reason … Continue reading

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She seemed like a misfit in that room of misfits—clean and well groomed in decent clothing, almost regal, tall, thin, with beautiful gray hair arranged neatly in a coiled bun on top of her head. The coil had a black pick through it … Continue reading

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