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HABAKKUK, GOD, AND ME, #4 conclusion

THINK IT OVER: GOD DOES NOT GRADE ON THE CURVE!   “But Mr. Justice, you know I did the best in the class, why   are you going to fail me?”  “Because you did not complete my requirements,” Mr. Justice replied.  Habakkuk … Continue reading

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MONDAY MORNING MEDITATION: Isaiah 42:12  “Let them (people) give glory to the Lord…”  But, Lord, you are all glory; you have all glory.  I have none to give to you.  Ahhhh, but I can acknowledge your glory. I acknowledge your … Continue reading

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The crush, the victory and the passion displayed by Christ’s death on the cross is heavy on me this morning. Charles Dickens:  “Bearing his Cross, upon his shoulder, like the commonest and most wicked criminal, our blessed Saviour, Jesus Christ, … Continue reading

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 Anyone know this song from long ago.  “There is glory, there is glory, there’s a glory hallelujah in my soul.” A good way to start the Sabbath day. – Okay, not the original Sabbath. An argument so early in the … Continue reading

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Praise God from whom all blessings flow: PRAY: Our Father, who art in Heaven, Blessed be your Wonderful Name, Your Acts, Your Love. Thank you for your daily provisions to us for our earthly and spiritual good. Praise Him all creatures here … Continue reading

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Just returned from Sunday morning church.  Thankful for songs-songs that teach, songs that praise.  The sparrows and meadowlarks sang together.  I like it like that.  Some skilled, some not so skilled, but singing together. WHEN SPARROWS AND SWALLOWS SANG – … Continue reading

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For your delight with the Lord today, try personalizing Ps. 21. You will have this: I, Oneta,  rejoice in your strength, Lord. How great is my joy in the victories you give! You have given me my heart’s desire and … Continue reading

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