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Ten to twenty times a day We are to wash the germs away. Twenty seconds for each time You take your turn, I take mine. How many minutes does your water run? We’ve used a lot before we’re done. I … Continue reading

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After 12 days in ICU with no bath, no head wash, the doctor said they were moving me to the Step Down Unit where I would be bathing every day. He said he did not want me to use the … Continue reading

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Third reason it might seem that God is not being JEHOVAH-JIREH. Another factor to be considered regarding God being Jehovah-jireh, is this: His manifestation as Provider may be conditional. One cannot judge another person’s spiritual condition based on the abundance … Continue reading

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Known for being a part of the Dustbowl history of the 1930’s—sometimes called the Dirty Thirty’s—my home in Southeastern Colorado in the 1940’s had changed considerably.  Roosevelt’s programs, the WPA and the CCC, had made improvements in land conservation.  Also … Continue reading

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