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So this is the week Amy Roney Barrett heads to the hot seat. There is a lot at stake. Constitution as written or Constitution as living – changing to suit cultural whims. If the Constitution means anything. it has to … Continue reading

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 I was picking up things strewn aside after the grandchildren had left along with some shoes I had been wearing and putting them all on the walker to carry to the other room.  I had picked up the doll first.  … Continue reading

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…. One side sits in stony silence as the other side whoops for joy.  The silence is momentary, then a loud angry roar erupts.  The crowd is in mayhem but I don’t really care.  The ref made a mistake, but … Continue reading

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Life was hard for Talak.  The fields did not produce enough harvest; he had too many mouths to feed; he was not as strong as he used to be; he could not provide little tidbits of luxury for his wife … Continue reading

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