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I’m sort of laughing at myself knowing many of you fictioneers like morbid mysterious stuff. I considered writing about Luke’s jealous nature and the mysterious disappearance of Lucy’s former boyfriend. Ending with “What is that red liquid dropping under that … Continue reading

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“Let’s have a “theme date,” Sally suggested.  “Give me a word.” “Apricot,” John responded.  They set two rules.  Each must choose two items or activities which would represent the theme word. Sally smiled because she knew John was making it … Continue reading

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I’m having a bit of a laugh about my blog from yesterday.  Only my son and his wife even slightly suggested their menu before marriage might have included something besides food.  😀  I guess they knew Mom had something in … Continue reading

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The soldier had been on the bus six hours when the girl sat beside him. “Where you going?” he asked. “To college,” she replied. Time was long;  they chatted the forty miles to her destination. Driver called, “Unload for twenty … Continue reading

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(See part 1, Alas, My Love has Gone) January 20, 1953, I wrote mom a letter.  The letter is six pages long.  I typed the beginning then changed to handwriting.  The reason I changed is as follows: “I quit typing this … Continue reading

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ALAS, MY LOVE HAS GONE! Jan. 20, ’53

How fast the years go by!  In 1994 when my mother passed away, I brought home some letters she had kept which were written to her by me in January, 1953.  They were dated the 13th, 20th, and 27th, one … Continue reading

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Krista @kristastevens, your prompt suggests we recall and write about a special song. I am so glad to do that on this special day. Let me explain, dear blogging friends. Hop back with me to a wedding in the small … Continue reading

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