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My ninety-two year old husband. Little writing so you can afford your time with him. He and this piano player have never seen each other until this night. The night my family and community had dinner together before Clyde’s memorial … Continue reading

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Aberystwyth of the Hinterland In the hills of Wales Gave safe harbor to an English lad    Who lived to tell some tales.   To celebrate his birthday on July 22, I will put this English lad’s story in the cloud this … Continue reading

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      How about that three cent stamp!  This was the letter Sammy wrote my parents in 1953. Letterhead was Southwestern Bible College in Oklahoma City.  Dated April 10, 1953: Dear Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers,         … Continue reading

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TO SAMMY- 66 YEARS OF HOME Home, fortunate to be my pleasant place; my hubby and I talk face to face. Home, all my belongings there I stash; got a lot of stuff, just not cash. Home, cars can park … Continue reading

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Want to start an argument? Say the dollar is better Than the Queen’s pound. Truthfully my British-born husband and I just take as many of both as we can get!  We were quite pleasantly surprised back in the ’90’s when … Continue reading

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(See part 1, Alas, My Love has Gone) January 20, 1953, I wrote mom a letter.  The letter is six pages long.  I typed the beginning then changed to handwriting.  The reason I changed is as follows: “I quit typing this … Continue reading

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ALAS, MY LOVE HAS GONE! Jan. 20, ’53

How fast the years go by!  In 1994 when my mother passed away, I brought home some letters she had kept which were written to her by me in January, 1953.  They were dated the 13th, 20th, and 27th, one … Continue reading

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Wonder if I dread holiday cooking?  Those of you who know Sammy and me will get a kick out of this. I made casseroles one night over holiday and planned to cook them next morning before the family arrived.   … Continue reading

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