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I looked online to see if there were any cautions against people prone to blood-clotting (taking blood thinner) taking the covid19 vaccine. No problem at all! How about side effects on pregnant women? No problem at all! If either of … Continue reading

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ODE (or something) TO DR. FAUCI

On the ground and in the air Dr. Fauci’s everywhere. He shuns busses, chooses limos or planes. People seek his latest science for their pains.      He’s has proven to be right      Often enough to stay in the fight. … Continue reading

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This post’s agenda includes three items: Hope you have missed me. I have. I’ve been in lots of pain; I am not very creative in pain. I have read some on cell or I-Pad but am almost nonfunctional in responding … Continue reading

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I’m thinking of the hubbub as critics have yelled about paying attention to the science in regard to the methods of President Trump during the Covid crises.  Hummm….. During the nine decades in which I have lived, I have seen … Continue reading

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ME THIS MORNING AT BEDSIDE: ME:  Ah, Lord God.  You are so awesome, Creator of All!  I behold your wondrous works.  What joy I get from seeing your details for our design.  Ears protected by wax and hair; nose protected … Continue reading

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  Jesus (Matt 10:20) says, “the very hairs of your head are numbered!” I’ve heard folks poke fun at that statement by referring to God’s “hair-counters,” pointing out how ridiculous it is to literally believe the Bible.  Joking about keeping … Continue reading

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 I was picking up things strewn aside after the grandchildren had left along with some shoes I had been wearing and putting them all on the walker to carry to the other room.  I had picked up the doll first.  … Continue reading

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