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Fishes school meets in “low” pool, where students felt so humiliated. Students got together and debated. Finny said, “I want to fly Past the waters, up to the sky.” “Aw, that is just a fancy scheme; You will never achieve … Continue reading

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     Jim and Joe were hanging high on the strings of their harmonica and guitar.  They had been asked to join a band—right here in  Castle House.  The old house had done its duty during the castle/moat era.  Now it … Continue reading

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Divorced, thirty-six years old, three children and nearly penniless, Ilene worried over the imponderibilia awaiting her if she could not quickly find a husband. After taking the kids to her mom, Ilene stood before her mirror, rubbing her hands one … Continue reading

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      Much ado these days about the necessity and use of cars.  I vote big time in favor of having one.  Perhaps the day will come when I have to turn in my license because I have aged … Continue reading

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 Sherri ended the call, pulled her wrap to fit more closely to cover the scar on her shoulder.  She had almost choked on her words.  He believed the lie; he believed she was a fool.  Making her way to the … Continue reading

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I can’t vouch for the truth of this story, but this is the way it was told to me by my great aunt Polly whose mother lived in a forlorn area of Illinois.  She became an intimate friend to Jennie … Continue reading

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  Edna smiled in appreciation for her birthday flowers.  Flowers that she could not kill.  She had hinted over the years, that she did not want potted flowers.  She had never had a green thumb, and her failure to keep … Continue reading

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As a newlywed, beautiful Celia was graced with all the resplendent Creole characteristics of her genetic heritage.  But time had taken its toll.  Gravitational forces had also been unkind. Too much alcohol had damaged her skin.  Her stately posture was … Continue reading

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I was being chauffeured in a vehicle build for ten I sat alone on the back seat, weary without and within. When I glimpsed in the whiteness an old telephone booth It served as a reminder of a choice made … Continue reading

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This is the day of the threes.  Three years since Howard passed on and  three weeks since the doctor said I have about three months before joining him.  So I come to this bench where I sit for about three … Continue reading

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