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THREE ELEMENTS FOR FIRE are oxygen, heat, and fuel.       A STORY:  Karen’s friend, Bob, went up into her attic to check the source of an odd odor.  He found a bird nest.   An uncovered vent had allowed a bird … Continue reading

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I see that Linda G. Hill had chosen the words “iron” or “irony” as the word to use for SoCS.  How ironic that was!   I didn’t do it but I had planned to iron Saturday, at  least sort of … Continue reading

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I’M REMEMBERING “nameless”

How fast this former teacher of fourth/fifth graders, connects “rope” with jump rope! The following passage is an excerpt from my blog “nameless” posted in January, ’17. Bell rings and children come in with news to share. “Teacher, we learned … Continue reading

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“Oh, you are amazing,” she complimented me.  “You found the exact teapot to complement the set of cups and saucers.”  Compliment:  The say good things about someone. Complement:  To complete or go with Those are very loose definitions.  😀   It … Continue reading

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There is a certain sense that most of us Christians have that God can call us home at any moment; however, we do not dwell on the thought. We move on and think about something else. If we have reports … Continue reading

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Whatever mom or dad are out to do today, we can believe this little girl is getting her choice to sit down near the flowers. A beautiful depiction of a relaxing day for adults and children to do whatever they … Continue reading

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Obviously I cheated a bit by running over to gettyfreeimages.com and getting a picture. But that move was not planned until I chose my topic, “If wishes were horses, beggers could ride.” I wish I could remember the rest of … Continue reading

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I unloaded the dishwasher putting containers and lids on the cabinet. Now I need to match them. The problem is that although they are the same size and look compatible, sometimes they are not. If I match certain lids some … Continue reading

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Dan is standing in for Linda this week with the prompt for SoCS. He suggests one, two, or all of the following three words: inspire/aspire/expire So I hope to inspire you with the following Stream of Consciousness. Sometime before I … Continue reading

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YOU ARE SO NEAR-BY YET SO FAR AWAY WHERE IS OUR ONE-NESS? Part of the instructions regarding SoCS is to write without preplanning. I’m not sure whether this is exactly preplanned. Before bedtime last night I read Linda’s suggestion of … Continue reading

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