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A spot of chocolate on my blouse A spot of coffee on the carpet in the house A spot of clouds in the sky Promising rain when it is dry. “Spot on,” a writers delight When she’s worded something just … Continue reading

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Where did you go, that miserable day? San Francisco, Chicago, or LA. You travel light: Your assets tight. Trying to leave your troublesome past, Looking to find peace at last. Where do YOU go to escape YOU? What refuge do … Continue reading

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“Won’t you sit down and rest a spell,” invited my mom.  My guilty conscience magnified the pleading in her voice. “Mom, I would love to, but I’m so busy,” “That’s the reason you should rest a spell,” she observed quite … Continue reading

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The SoCS subject this week is “drink.” We have been invited to “drink freely from the water of life.”  This post today is to rejoice in the celebration of this—my first day of the fourth year since a near death experience. … Continue reading

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