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OK, I cheated!  This is little doll letting her finger nails get dry is the youngest member of my family.  I’m the oldest.  That’s enough similarity for me to use her picture instead of mine.  😀 I am celebrating my … Continue reading

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“OH, TO BE LIKE JESUS” we say, we pray, and we sing. Consider these patterns. SUCH PATIENCE, John 20:27 as he invites Thomas to touch the scars; SUCH SERVICE, 21:9 as he prepares a meal; SUCH FORGIVENESS, 21:15-17 as he … Continue reading

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The Tender Shepherd

Pictures representing the 23rd Psalm generally show a beautiful valley with green grass, cool running water, and healthy sheep but reality is that every shepherd has to deal with sick sheep, weak sheep, wayward sheep. All sheep need care from … Continue reading

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