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I aroused from a nap with these words, “We cry, too late.” Now we cry, but it is too late. Hell’s minions we loved to date. Crying “God is Good,” we ignored our fate Teaching all paths lead to Heaven’s … Continue reading

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Isn’t this a pretty picture of a water cistern?  Cool, clear, soothing  – inviting one into a dreamland of small fishes and granted wishes, dancing fairies and luscious berries.        Come, troubled soul, what ease awaits.     … Continue reading

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  You sometimes can’t cope? You fear having no support? Call for help – NAMI **************** Recognizing that September is National Suicide Prevention Month, Ronovan has asked that our haiku relate to that subject.  Thank you, Ronovan.    The National Suicide … Continue reading

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I’ve been rummaging and remembering family treasures and times together.  I don’t remember “moody” peers.  Suicides were almost a never happen event.  For the first thirty years, I only knew one person who committed suicide.  No illegal drugs/but there was … Continue reading

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  Pimple-faced, lanky,  awkward, nearly mute around a girl, this fourteen year old male adores the fourteen year old girl next door.  She is taller than he is; she has more friends, she is built…  Well, she is built well.  … Continue reading

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Questions: Why do I oppose abortion but support capital punishment?  What about euthanasia, suicide, and “end of life” decisions? Blogger comment:    “…that several situations are related: abortion, capital punishment, suicide, euthanasia and other end of life decisions. Logically, if we … Continue reading

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