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Follow carefully and you will see why I am such a good teacher.  I posted this in 2014 and had several likes but only two or three of you were with me then.  I enjoyed it too much to pass … Continue reading

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THE PARTY’S OVER! And I’m back to normal—good enough for me. I’ll try not to take advantage of my “eighties” excuses. I worried that my huff, bluff, and fluff which included the “ranting about me” might be more than I … Continue reading

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A MOTTO FOR TEACHERS—Sunday teachers and week-day teachers, from Thes. 5:14 “warn those who are idle (KJ unruly), encourage the timid, help the weak, be patient with everyone. Be sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always try … Continue reading

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This was a big payoff for my time spent looking for Sammy’s birth certificate, which turned out to be in his bedroom!  Anyway, I found this memory – somewhat of a victory for me from my 8th grade reading lab, … Continue reading

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“We’ll hire you but I suppose you want in the northwest schools, so I’m not sure just where you will be placed,” so said the personnel director. “No,” I replied, “I have a sociology degree and I am interested in … Continue reading

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  A TEST I ALMOST FLUNKED! In my school I had a reputation of being an outstanding teacher, respected by administration, parents, teachers, and students. I was lead teacher, assigned to committees, in charge when the principle was gone, all … Continue reading

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“Poor me,” he laments, “‘Tis my fate written in stars,” as he makes his doom. Although I am lending a humorous touch to this haiku, it is a serious concern to me.  I was talking with a friend yesterday about … Continue reading

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Ashlyn (7) and Jadalyn (8)  were here last week.  While I washed the dishes I remembered the days when they both clamored to pull up a stool and wash the dishes.  I let them do so occasionally, but generally I … Continue reading

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ADD SPARK TO ROUTINE, writer’s quote challenge

“I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.” Helen Keller For this week’s Writers Quote Challenge, please share with us a “small … Continue reading

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Her precious kindergarten face looked up at me in surprise, “It’s magic!” she said.  At her teacher’s request I had taken her to my room for a bit of one on one teaching to help out with some math readiness. … Continue reading

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