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OUCH, THAT HURT! So I got a bruise and a bit of battering, but only for a little while. No blood, no broken bones, no jerky joints, no head hurtles. Just a terrible wham on my shoulder. There is a … Continue reading

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Dear Friends, in several of my comments I have signed off with “In God We Trust.” I am trying to put in practice the wisdom from my blog about Jehosophat, as taught to me by Pastor Ken Isom. https://onetahayes.com/2020/10/26/sunday-leftovers-when-in-a-fight-for-your-life/ Remember … Continue reading

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Dear Friends, let me  introduce my son, Carl, to you.The poem below was written by him. I’m thankful to You, Jesus… That you encourage me as You do. That You encourage me in what I have done, though I’ve failed. And that … Continue reading

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 “In the 1930s, American capitalism practically stopped working,” says google.  War was on the horizon.  The leading causes of death were very much like present times – cardiovascular and renal diseases, cancer, influenza and pneumonia, tuberculosis, motor vehicle traffic injuries, … Continue reading

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Ten to twenty times a day We are to wash the germs away. Twenty seconds for each time You take your turn, I take mine. How many minutes does your water run? We’ve used a lot before we’re done. I … Continue reading

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“Thank you,” I say, to a passer-by who wishes me a nice day; “Thank you,” I say, for the stick of gum being passed my way; “Thank you,” I say, to the dog-catcher who returns my pet who is prone … Continue reading

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Teddy knew this was a not a real police job, but customer service was like a security job; it was really important.  People would be depending on him like they depend on police.  The Customer Service Manager, Mike, said he … Continue reading

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PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll   Sandi stepped out of the room where her brother lay. He was not yet aware of the sacrifice he had made that day. She watched the flutter of the flag so bold His … Continue reading

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  The sizzle of bacon, the crack of egg, the swish of the mixer, the splat of butter, the scrunch of toast, the slurp of milk, the sprinkle of salt, the sighs of satisfaction.  “God is Great, God is Good, … Continue reading

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(Batan Death March, American Prisoners 1942) Julie, aka Cookie,  has posted a blog today of the Bataan Death March.  She rues the fact that so many do not know the price that was paid by heroes of the past. Do … Continue reading

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