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It is time to put my mind to the Thanksgiving/Christmas family times.  Thanksgiving is November 25 and Christmas is December 25.  At least that is on the calendar for 2021.  Dr. Fauci may be cancelling but most of us have … Continue reading

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Of course, I’m in jest with the prayer below, but I have told you before that I sometimes even tell jokes to God. We have fun together! Same is true for the picture. I told my kids I needed a … Continue reading

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I’m so busy Being busy At my family business, That I’m missing being busy At my blogging business. I know you’re busy being busy On your special business. But don’t get too busy Being busy To heed the “THANKSGIVING” business!

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Thanksgiving – 2014  You learned to play the scale; you are so gifted. – So nice to have you come. – Gramma, I writed you a letter – Got anymore of Vicky’s cake left? – It took lots of pecans … Continue reading

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This window is intended to show desserts that are left over.  That is – the desserts that are available to everyone, even me. -I taste the pecan pie once in a while.  I haven’t tried the sugar free ones. – … Continue reading

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Since I am behind on a lot of writing, I ask myself:  So how are you going to break the ice?  With what issue will I start my celebration?  There are challenges I want to jump into, experiences I want … Continue reading

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Too busy to write, Too busy to read. Just taking a look Here and there. Grabbing bites; Settling fights. Who is right? Late into night. Playing old games; Learning new names. Meeting new folks; Telling old jokes. “Come on in, … Continue reading

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My Blogging Friends, we have some things in common to be thankful for: The ability to read The ability to spell and write coherent sentences Discretionary funds which allow the equipment necessary for social media Physical strength, health, and mobility … Continue reading

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“Come on, Everbody.  Let’s go have Thanksgiving,” called Mandy standing at the top of the stairs after the meal was completed and dishes “sort of” taken care of.  She was about four years old: I have no idea why she … Continue reading

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My 82nd Thanksgiving and I ponder. Is there still a place for me? I wonder.   There are still new roses in spite of the freeze: From the north comes a cold biting breeze. Small child gives me a gift … Continue reading

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