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The palette above is presented by mindovermiserysmanagerie for a Sunday prompt. Tourmaline’s “Color Your World” calls for Mango Tango They should do well together. A stroll around my house shows some evidence of Mango Tango. First a pretty lapel pin … Continue reading

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Picture is a view of my table and window. Flower is day lily, not goldenrod. I have no goldenrod, but I plan to place that on my bucket list: “plant some goldenrod” This assignment by Tourmaline piqued my curiosity regarding … Continue reading

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A bright fuschia tulip grew by the walk. Inviting me to listen to it talk. “The storm blew through in the middle of the night. I thought I would look a frightful sight. But I’m standing serene and the storm … Continue reading

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Kleenex had been around twenty years or more But unknown to me until nineteen-forty-four. A girl passed me a tissue for my tears in church, She noticed  that I, for a hanky did search. I’ve found that Kleenex is certainly … Continue reading

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GRANNY APPLE YELLOW is in my sight Sitting here at my desk after midnight. A post it note, and a grocery list A plant, a tube, and a pipe cleaner to twist. Picture of a lawn, and a birthday card Finding … Continue reading

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Brook of classic blue Mid’st fern green of mossy walls Skilled Master Painter ************ Image:  Pixabay Thanks to Ronovan for the haiku challenge to use the words “moss” and “brook.”  Tourmaline hosts Color Your World with the first color of … Continue reading

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“Let’s have a “theme date,” Sally suggested.  “Give me a word.” “Apricot,” John responded.  They set two rules.  Each must choose two items or activities which would represent the theme word. Sally smiled because she knew John was making it … Continue reading

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