A month or so ago, I read a post regarding people’s need for friendship.  I responded that I had done a study that correlated man’s needs with provisions of God as represented by his Jehovah names.  I’m having a hard time knowing just what format to use in presenting this study and my conclusions.  However, if I don’t get started, I definitely won’t get it done, so here is my effort to present this material in a readable fashion.  The last post presented qualities of a good father.

To me it is inconceivable that God created man with needs that He, God, would not provide for.  What father would do that?  So, even though God pronounced his creation “good,” man was not independent and without needs.

One of the most recognized authorities on the subject of the needs of man, is Abraham Maslow (1908-1970).  He wrote that the behavior of human beings is motivated by their effort to fulfill basic needs.  He presents five categories of needs, thus:

Physiological – needs for the physical body

Safety – Security for himself, home, family, law and order.

Love – Belongingness, non-sexual love, acceptance, and the need to be needed

Esteem – Self esteem and attention and recognition from others

Self-Actualization – The need to achieve to one’s maximum potential

Now check the amazing way God is presented in the Bible by eight Jehovah names which show his provision to meet those basic needs of man.

(MASLOW)                       (JEHOVAH  NAMES & MEANING)

  1. Physiological            Jehovah-jireh, Provider; Jehovah-rophe, Healer
  1. Safety                         Jehovah-nissi, Victor;  Jehovah-tsidkenu, Redeemer
  2. Love, Belonging       Jehovah shalom, Peace; Jehovah-shamma, Friend
  3. Esteem                     Jehovah-m’kaddish, Holiness
  4. Self-actualization     Jehovah-rohi, Guide

Each of these Names will be entered on Pages on my website.  They are under the menu name of God’s Provision.  Hope you will enjoy this study with me.  I will continue posting other kinds of items each week, inspiration, nostalgia, etc.  And I will be getting back to my blogging 101 assignments.  I have been going astray in trying to learn about pages and other ventures I have not been into before.  Blogging friends, give me help as you see that I need it!  Here goes, let’s see how it turns out.