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DOING IT MY WAY (freedom/boundaries, part 2)

Well, I’ll finish the story I started yesterday (about hitting the car in the parking lot). I first left a note on the car in case the owner came out, then I went inside to see if I could find … Continue reading

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DOING IT MY WAY (freedom/boundaries, part 1)

Frank Sinatra, right? And now the end is here and so I face the final curtain, My friend, I’ll say it clear, I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain…….. I did it my way How nice to be free, … Continue reading

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Mostly I go unnoticed, unseen. Waiting quietly, blended in the scene. There’s a lot of me left – though bended with age. People look as scanning a page. “Gorgeous roses,” I hear in the Spring “See the glistening water drops,” … Continue reading

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I just got a like on “A Lasting Gift” so I went back to see what I wrote. It was the one about my watch. I am embarrassed to see that I did not answer all comments. Sorry, Julie, Ken, … Continue reading

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Edith Murray was called Granneth by her family.  She liked it much better than Grandma Edith.  The little ones learned quickly to say something that sounded like Granneth.  Her grandchildren were always anxious to show off their new ones as … Continue reading

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A Freudian slip? A name from a former time. The name was not mine! How to deal with this? Didn’t take long to find out. I did it also! ***************** Ronovan’s haiku using words “slip” and “time” brought a long … Continue reading

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So another week, I have been rocked in a cradle of “if is your thing, go for it”; all paths are equal; if it is your path, it is right for you! What rot!!!! All paths are not okay! Sin … Continue reading

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Thanks much to the Oklahoma Gas and Electric workers who kept us through a “no-holds-barred” kind of winter storm! We had no outages at our house. Amazing work as the workers seemed to anticipate and prevent many power failures. These … Continue reading

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I hardly had to peek at all. There was the invitation that I had longed for. What a step up! An office in the Administration Building. No more classroom. A move to being a Principal with a school of my … Continue reading

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Sounds like I might not have time to design a blog pleasing to your eyes, sweetly fragrant to your nose, drops of wine on your lips, blankkie-snuggly to your touch, and a joyfully chanted tune in your ears BUT I … Continue reading

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