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  With or without inflation, God’s promises are true!  However, his promise is to meet our needs.  We are used to a lot more than that.  And we don’t take too kindly to having to adjust our own belts.  I … Continue reading

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“It’s not — the fight is not about inflation. It’s about the cost of living,” Just a penny balloon, It became inflated. While the air was blowing in, The users were elated! . It quickly reached the top! More would make it pop, Blowers … Continue reading

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About six years ago I wrote a blog explaining how the country’s economy correlates with my experiene with salt shakers. Well, Friends, it is still true. My circumstances are quite similar to those six year ago. There is one … Continue reading

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Buying a starter home is cheaper than rent in two dozen metro real estate markets. I have been holding this headline for more than a month, but it is too good to pass up without comment. If buying were not … Continue reading

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CHECK THIS #11 – truck

You can’t see it much, but that white sign at the top of the truck says, “TRUMP.” How long will it be before a small business truck driver labels “BIDEN” on his truck? I like a new truck that passed … Continue reading

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“What you been up to, Pete?” “Not so much ‘up to’ anything. More like ‘down to’. I’ve been sleeping on a couch in the city dump.” “How did you get to this nice place?” “Got a job.” “That’s good.” “Yeah. … Continue reading

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 “In the 1930s, American capitalism practically stopped working,” says google.  War was on the horizon.  The leading causes of death were very much like present times – cardiovascular and renal diseases, cancer, influenza and pneumonia, tuberculosis, motor vehicle traffic injuries, … Continue reading

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Today I saw this following exchange on Face Book.  (Names changed and my paraphrasing.) Elise:  “Pray for me.  I’m going for a job interview.  First I’ve had for eight years.” Response from Janice:  “You can do it.  I just had … Continue reading

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Dear Mr. Colgate Man

  Dear Mr. Colgate, CEO Man (Sorry, if you are a Ms or Mrs or Something Else. I am gender identity challenged.) First, let me say I am fully behind Giant Corporations.  They are very good at hiring my men … Continue reading

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Teddy knew this was a not a real police job, but customer service was like a security job; it was really important.  People would be depending on him like they depend on police.  The Customer Service Manager, Mike, said he … Continue reading

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