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 I was picking up things strewn aside after the grandchildren had left along with some shoes I had been wearing and putting them all on the walker to carry to the other room.  I had picked up the doll first.  … Continue reading

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This window is intended to show desserts that are left over.  That is – the desserts that are available to everyone, even me. -I taste the pecan pie once in a while.  I haven’t tried the sugar free ones. – … Continue reading

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Campus Craziness now resides in OU, Norman OK. News Flash:  Current SGA president Adran Gibbs gave a final executive branch report for his administration.  …introduction of all-gender restrooms on campus as major successes … before he leaves office, he plans … Continue reading

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PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll   Sandi stepped out of the room where her brother lay. He was not yet aware of the sacrifice he had made that day. She watched the flutter of the flag so bold His … Continue reading

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Let’s chat about downsizing.   I invited some friends over for lunch last week.  As I set the table for three, I considered downsizing where it really hurts.  Sixty years ago having lunch together meant husbands and kids also.  Fourteen of … Continue reading

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Imagine this scenario:  Prospective Presidential Nominee Worker appears at my door and asks, “How do you feel about whether or not the USA should put “boots on the ground” in (whatever enemy country)?” Bye, bye, prospective nominee. I’ve had enough … Continue reading

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Poor Joe has been dealt a lemon.  He tries to make lemonade with mixed reviews!  Not enough apology, too much apology, didn’t say I’m sorry,  too much sugar, he said I’m sorry but for the wrong reason…. I’ll just jump … Continue reading

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PEACE A quality far too many people lack, choosing chaos for the sake of “feminism” and “political correctness” for the sake of winning. ********************* If I haven’t made you mad enough to “un-follow” me yet, just wait.  I have the … Continue reading

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Putting my hat in the ring….

Friends, Family, and Fellow Americans, I put before you another choice – a choice far superior to what you have heard before.  First I will introduce myself, and list my strengths. ONETA Hayes – unrecognized now but I point out … Continue reading

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BIG QUESTION – continued

Dear Blogging Friends:  I don’t often post twice in one day but I feel it is imperative that I get my announcement made on Friday.  Isn’t that the big surprise day for new flashes?  So here is the second part … Continue reading

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