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On September 11, 2001, there must have been just a split second of time when the World Trade Center tower looked very much like this to an Al-Qaeda hijacker piloting a Boeing 767 jet. With this glimpse of 2021, I … Continue reading

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Oh the moans and groans of the trials and tribulations of 2020! Yeah, it has been a bummer. And for us bloggers, we even have to add a “new editor” to our list of gripes! Face Book pulled up a … Continue reading

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To save my reputation as an honest woman, let me say right off only the first story is true, the one about the pies and pigs. Then I just got carried away with myself and kept writing with little regard … Continue reading

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CHECK THIS #11 – truck

You can’t see it much, but that white sign at the top of the truck says, “TRUMP.” How long will it be before a small business truck driver labels “BIDEN” on his truck? I like a new truck that passed … Continue reading

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The top image is the news release about a class I was teaching at the Senior Center a few years ago. The second, below, was the first page of my teaching plans. It was an eight week course. It was … Continue reading

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IN THINE OWN HEART Though Christ a thousand times In Bethlehem be born If he’s not born in thee Thy soul is still forlorn The cross on Golgotha Will never save thy soul The cross in thine own heart Alone … Continue reading

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CHRISTMAS EVE         Crystal bells, wreath on door, Crunch of crumbs on the floor; Crazy crowds wanting more, Credit woes, men tremble; Crowns seen, precious symbol. Crude critics complain, but Christ has not come in vain. Oneta, 2016

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LOVE’S PLAN Your love amazes me, The plan to set men free, And form us in the likeness of Thee Your love amazes me. The foresight of redemption From the foundation of the world The willingness of Father, Son, and … Continue reading

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(The following was written as a challenge in 2015.* (see below) I like it so I’m posting again. This is Rudolph standing on a stack of of boxes of Rudolph stuffed toys in a super store. He is talking to … Continue reading

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Unfurl simple joy. Seek solace in quiet time Amidst season’s bliss. Written for Ronovan’s challenge. Write haiku using words “open” and “solace” – I used synonym “unfurl” in the place of “open.” Image: Simon Robbin,

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