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THANKS TO TEN – List Three

Okay, I can’t count correctly; there are eleven but I’m not going to take one off!  If you are looking for an active friend, check out this list.  Thank you, dear bloggers, for reading, commenting, and leaving likes. reading

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As I stood in that long wide hall looking at the poster with a picture of the car, my heart began to do funny things.  I murmured, “You’re going to give me that car, aren’t you, Lord.” But I’m getting … Continue reading

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the penny march

GO YE…   The Great Commission:  “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy … Continue reading

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Quote:  Elizabeth Elliott “How much faith does it take to believe in God?  Less, I venture to say-a great deal less-than to believe in the Unconscious generating the Conscious, Mindlessness creating Mind, Nothing giving birth to Something.” My comment in … Continue reading

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Adios, au revoir, tata, farewell All mean you’ll be gone a spell. If you cheat while you’re gone, And hit your bed after dawn, Returning, you’ll hear your death knell. ************** Thanks, Rashmi, for the prompt:  here       … Continue reading

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Just reminiscing about being a big-shot.  I had my fifteen minutes of fame—I’m being modest, it was more than that, more like forty-five minutes—ah, let me round it up to an hour with the “nice-to-meet-you’s” thrown in.  Let me tell … Continue reading

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  What does brand new mean to me?  That is a question e asked this morning on  her post, “Brand New, Just for You.”  For me that term is “bran-spankin’ new” and my mind goes immediately to a 1945 Chevy … Continue reading

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While browsing through some old writings this morning, I ran on to this which was written in April, 2001.  My note said it happened about “two or three months ago.” “I have had a mole on my left check for … Continue reading

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My Loss

Though purchased for me in ‘53 it was chipped as you can see and I wanted new so I pouted; “I won’t touch it,” I screamed and shouted. Sibling one – thought it was fun; Sibling two – mastering keys, … Continue reading

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‘TWEEN GOD AND ME (A “Churchless” Church Lady)

All my life I have belonged to some group of Christians who gathered together to fellowship with each other and worship God.  Most people I’m sure would call me “churchy.”  Since first joining a church at ten years of age, … Continue reading

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