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  Sally was a teenager who had run away from home after having siphoned off a large amount of her family’s money.  Sort of a classic case of teen rebellion.  I put her story on a computer-designed greeting card telling what … Continue reading

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My subject today is PIGS. What in the world can I say about pigs?  Well, I’m going to start where many people start. This little piggy went to market; this little piggy stayed home; this little piggy had bread and … Continue reading

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2,260,994,360 IN ADDITION TO MINE!

  Within the boundaries of the United States there are 2,260,994,361, and I own one of them.  I have considered giving it up.  It would be pretty easy to do; lots of folks would want it.  However, I don’t know … Continue reading

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  I’m The October Scrooge since I don’t believe And ghosts and goblins I’ll not receive. Some think it’s fun To make kids run But Halloween horrors make me grieve. Okay, my blogging friends, don’t call the curses down on … Continue reading

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AN EXPLANATION, plus “dependent”

Note on Passing Years posted Oct. 21  I found some notes the other day which show that I wrote a short form of “Passing Years” sometime before my 70th birthday (I think).  During the time I was working on … Continue reading

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I am going off assignments to finish my poetry unit.  I have enjoyed the assignments, but missed doing three of them.  I’m wrapping up with a poem I wrote a few years ago.  Back to my serious side, my blessed … Continue reading

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“Living here wouldn’t be so bad,” the old man whined, “but I eat dinner and hardly know I’ve dined.   Gravy with no grease, potatoes without salt Toast with no butter, ice cream without malt   No more Tic Tac … Continue reading

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(Lesson 7: Form: Ballad; Subject: Neighborhood; Device: Assonance) We talked of community, not neighborhood; We talked of counties, and towns We met in schools and courthouse lawns Wore overalls and dresses, not evening gowns. The building housed the public school, … Continue reading

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Chuck and Shelley tied the marriage knot In a lovely chapel called “The Charming Spot” But their bliss faded when the bills came due Their love was challenged, that was true. With open eyes, they realized, ’twas the budget they forgot. … Continue reading

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Assignment 6:  Form: Found Words, (The fourth word of hymn title on 25 hymns)  Subject: Face, (Face of my great grandchild) Device: Chiasmus  (Title and ending) Here are the words in the order I found them:   you, vision, and, thought, … Continue reading

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