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  I came to be by way of a little hanky panky back in the long ago, by way of the Moores, who are said to be offspring of the Campbells of the infamous traitorous treatment of them toward a … Continue reading

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Sadly I admit to contributing to the falling away of such things as decorating graves.  Due, I suppose, to the fact that I have no one buried within 350 miles of me.  And compounded by the lack of a decision … Continue reading

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Look what has been added to my family.  I’ve had the guy a long time.  So by process of elimination…you got it!  I’ve got a new daughter (in-law).  She is a wonder.  Roger finally found a girl good enough to … Continue reading

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(Posting an edited re-blog today.  Thinking of my beautiful granddaughter; wishing her blessings as her college graduation is near.  Story begins about sixteen years ago.  My thoughts as the album pages turn.) ************ The browning album crackled from the weight … Continue reading

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SAYING GOOD-BYE TO MY PETE (the younger version)

AND HELLO TO PETE (the older version) You’re a good looking hunk, I must say!  Is hunk okay now-a-days? Not chap, dude, or bloke, is it?  😀 Dear Blogging Friends,  you have met some of my very special family members.  … Continue reading

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Jadalyn, when I “wake up the house” I think of you, when I was take my meds, I think of you, when I put things in the pantry, I think of you, and when I sit in the rocker in … Continue reading

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 pop My dear one-year-old Kenlyn, In our family, you are the youngest, I am the oldest except for Papa Sammy who is older than I.  But he is a man.  I want to talk girl talk.  You see once upon … Continue reading

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Carl, I am thinking of the time we were driving down Meridian Street.  Don’t know why—the why is not the reason I am thinking of that ride.  What you said to me is the reason I remember.  You said something … Continue reading

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“Hurry, Baby, we have to get out of here before the snow gets worse,” said Roger to Ashlyn as they went out the door. Sammy and I stood in the door watching them go. Ashlyn hurried along beside her “Haw-Hee.” … Continue reading

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That’s me, my daddy, my great-grandmother, and granddad.  Picture must be about 77 years old. My great-grandmother’s favorite song was Farther Along.  “Farther along we’ll know all about it, farther along we’ll understand why.  Cheer up, my brother, live in … Continue reading

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