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Making use of the birthday jump rope. This is the first of your birthdays that you are taller than I.  I remember when your legs got too long to put them in my face on my pillow.  And I remember … Continue reading

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Time is near for you to go. Go in victory, as  you have taught. You have climbed the mountains high, And you’ve enjoyed the valleys low. You have won the battles fought, Taught your kids to reach the sky, To … Continue reading

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“Come along, don’t be slow. Don’t tag along watching grass grow. Quickly now.  Get out of bed. We don’t have time to be a sleepyhead. Come on in, don’t track in snow. There’s not time to watch the snow blow. … Continue reading

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  Yesterday is gone – the end of 85. Not much to report except I’m still alive, The future is at hand, the beginning of 86. What will the year hold, with its treats and tricks? ************ The picture shows … Continue reading

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 I’m glad to find this.  I need to read it to Kenlyn now that she is five.  She is still my youngest great granddaughter. My dear one-year-old Kenlyn, In our family, you are the youngest, I am the oldest except … Continue reading

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THE NATION YELLS “WHAT IS WRONG?” **************** I am a product of a fractured generational culture.  I have given up. With the permission of the youth pastor, I went to youth services for several months;  engaged some senior ladies to … Continue reading

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Children are a blessing from the Lord. These, plus five, make up our great grands. Fruitful minds, eternal souls, eager hands. Our influence extended to the third and fourth generation. Preparing citizens for our “God blessed” nation. Hiding fears for … Continue reading

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(A copy and paste from four years ago – instead of eighty-one, I’m now eighty-five and Alayna is twenty-six.) The browning album crackled from the weight of the fading pictures as my grandchildren turned the page of the wonderland that … Continue reading

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This barber keeps overhead cost to a minimum, but his clientele seem not to care.  Requirement for his business was a towel. a stool, and clippers.  Since the tonsorial service was free, older grandson sits patiently while Papa Hayes sees … Continue reading

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I’ve been rummaging and remembering family treasures and times together.  I don’t remember “moody” peers.  Suicides were almost a never happen event.  For the first thirty years, I only knew one person who committed suicide.  No illegal drugs/but there was … Continue reading

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