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November 28, 1913  – The day my daddy (Pete) was born.  Had he lived he would be 103; as it was he lived to 63.  He died from a heart attack, unexpected by those around him.  After he was gone, … Continue reading

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Being “not pretty” is not the same thing as being homely.  I have always seen myself as not pretty but I never tagged myself with homely.  I have a great empathy for homely people.  I’m not sure when peer pressure … Continue reading

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A new Mercedes? I dare not dream of Yugo!. And you? Mercedes!

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My Blogging Friends, we have some things in common to be thankful for: The ability to read The ability to spell and write coherent sentences Discretionary funds which allow the equipment necessary for social media Physical strength, health, and mobility … Continue reading

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“Come on, Everbody.  Let’s go have Thanksgiving,” called Mandy standing at the top of the stairs after the meal was completed and dishes “sort of” taken care of.  She was about four years old: I have no idea why she … Continue reading

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My 82nd Thanksgiving and I ponder. Is there still a place for me? I wonder.   There are still new roses in spite of the freeze: From the north comes a cold biting breeze. Small child gives me a gift … Continue reading

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 Numbers 29:2 and others scriptures say that burnt offerings are a pleasing aroma to God.  These scriptures have troubled me in the past.  I would think, “Why, God, would you like the smell of sacrifices being burned?”  I believe I have one answer.  Let’s … Continue reading

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  Homeless drifter thinks Plates on a dinner table quite ostentatious!     I’m putting two prompts together on this endeavor.  Krista from Daily Post suggests the word, “ostentatious,” and from TJ’s challenge to use “drift” in haiku..  Hope you … Continue reading

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“Yes, it was yesterday that we chatted about using the word “yes” in a SoCS entry.    It doesn’t seem like too hard a thing to do.  How about you?  Are you in?” So goes my conversation with a blogging friend. “Yes, … Continue reading

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Helen’s considers her decision, to go or not to go.  All ahead is clear but if she goes, she goes alone relying on faith that the road leads to the voice.  The words of invitation echo in her mind, “Come to me, … Continue reading

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