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I’m quite happy when I’m home Where I store my hat, my books, and comb. Got no plans to buy a tomb But I’ll be buried with much aplomb! Though it will  be tighter than a womb – To move … Continue reading

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Did you hear about the chaotic atmosphere at the funeral of the man who composed the little song, Do the Hoky Poky? Yes, it was a mess. Every time the mortician stuck the guy’s left foot in the coffin, the … Continue reading

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This vintage metal thimble etched with “SPAIN,” Etsy says, might be worth about fifteen dollars for one, thirty-six dollars for twelve. Whatever the price today, I didn’t pay it. I found it in a box of mom’s items left on … Continue reading

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WHAT I SAW (8th anniversary) Part 7

I believe you see that there was little chance of me surviving on that Saturday/Sunday except for the Lord’s intervention.  Take notice of the fact that the attack happened about 4:30 or 5:00 and I did not get to the … Continue reading

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Does it matter what I do? Perhaps we should just be dog-eat-dog? Survival of the fittest. The grave is the end. That attitude can be the cause of murder, violence, rape, and greed for those who think they can be … Continue reading

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So another week, I have been rocked in a cradle of “if is your thing, go for it”; all paths are equal; if it is your path, it is right for you! What rot!!!! All paths are not okay! Sin … Continue reading

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LOVE’S PLAN Your love amazes me, The plan to set men free, And form us in the likeness of Thee Your love amazes me. The foresight of redemption From the foundation of the world The willingness of Father, Son, and … Continue reading

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Three things occurred yesterday which give me an urgency about this post today. An earworm of a song “You Never Mentioned Him to Me” A conversation with a friend whose grandson was killed in a car race An article from … Continue reading

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“NOT ALL RESCUES LOOK ALIKE” 2 Samuel 22:17 & 20b “He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he drew me out of deep waters….he rescued me because he delighted in me.” Pondering this scripture, my internal … Continue reading

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I am a Christian blogger.  I write most of my blogs as if I am talking to Christian bloggers.  However, the chances are that some readers are not Christians.  I want to be sure I make it plain that I … Continue reading

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