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This is the day of the threes.  Three years since Howard passed on and  three weeks since the doctor said I have about three months before joining him.  So I come to this bench where I sit for about three … Continue reading

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FIRST THOUGHT.  MY LAST BLOG “IN THE END, WHAT MATTERS?” SECOND THOUGHT.  “IN THE END, WHAT MATTERS?” I sat with my family in the hospital emergency room answering routine questions.   Do you smoke?  Easy, no.  Do you have a … Continue reading

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  I had been over to check on my mother, to be sure she had taken her medicine and to give her some comfort for the evening.  Driving home about 10:30, I looked at cars around me and wondered why … Continue reading

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Okay, my dears, gather round me while I talk of things many do not know, things argued about among Christians, scripture interpretations, and all that stuff that doesn’t matter much in the light of eternity.  Our question is: “How can … Continue reading

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The immortal soul is eternal, With spirit form that’s supernal. Some deny its reality, Believing all is mortality. The fleshly home is the soul’s external. ————   Week 2, subject “immortal”  

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