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Lucinda shivered in anxious expectation as she came home again.  She was thirteen years away from the 21-year-old who sat out to find life.  She had loved and lost, lived in lack and luxury, and learned a lot, but had … Continue reading

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Why would one go to a cemetery where she knows no one?  Ask me. That’s what I did.  I am 350 miles from where most of my family members are buried.  I wanted to honor those who might at least … Continue reading

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Dreaming big as he Inches his way to his goal:      the tree’s mystery. Years move inch by inch Foot by foot, or yard by yard. You have un-reached goals. You’re climbing higher, But you overcome the storms. Keep … Continue reading

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Forever’s Tomorrows

Gentle peace bids come Sound of breeze rustles through trees slight motion of leaves.   There we are welcomed To Forever’s Tomorrows Fears and tears are gone. ************* Ronovan’s challenge: Haiku using “sound” and “motion” ronovanwrites-weekly-haiku-poetry-prompt-challenge-244-soundmotion/ Image:  Pixabay    

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Birds, bees, and bugs – even slimy slugs – Lots of grassy berms, but no deadly germs, Are found in Heaven’s halls and hills. Hippos, horned toads, and green frogs Strut their stuff among tree logs Used to make vast … Continue reading

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Airliner down, 385 people drowned! If I were one who drowned at sea Would anybody think of me? I have no medals to show my worth. Nothing left of value to this earth. No one to sit upon the shore … Continue reading

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This is the day of the threes.  Three years since Howard passed on and  three weeks since the doctor said I have about three months before joining him.  So I come to this bench where I sit for about three … Continue reading

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FIRST THOUGHT.  MY LAST BLOG “IN THE END, WHAT MATTERS?” SECOND THOUGHT.  “IN THE END, WHAT MATTERS?” I sat with my family in the hospital emergency room answering routine questions.   Do you smoke?  Easy, no.  Do you have a … Continue reading

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  I had been over to check on my mother, to be sure she had taken her medicine and to give her some comfort for the evening.  Driving home about 10:30, I looked at cars around me and wondered why … Continue reading

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Okay, my dears, gather round me while I talk of things many do not know, things argued about among Christians, scripture interpretations, and all that stuff that doesn’t matter much in the light of eternity.  Our question is: “How can … Continue reading

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