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I haven’t written on of these QA things for a while so I’m sharing a Facebook status with you today.  Killing two birds with one stone. 1. Favorite Smell? Sammy’s cologne, if it is not too strong 2. Last time … Continue reading

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That’s not me in the public library, but I am joining the young beauties and various other sorts there today.  Having trouble with the computer at home today.  Looking on the bright side, however, it did not crash.  Hopefully my … Continue reading

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The soldier had been on the bus six hours when the girl sat beside him. “Where you going?” he asked. “To college,” she replied. Time was long;  they chatted the forty miles to her destination. Driver called, “Unload for twenty … Continue reading

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(Sharing a Facebook status from November ’14) I have been challenged by a friend to tell nine things about myself, presumably things you might not have known before. So here goes: Although I was raised on a farm, I sat on … Continue reading

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