I don’t understand how some people can be so flippant regarding our nation.  They take so much for granted – ignorant regarding the price that has been paid for our “land of the free.”  They seem not to care  how many gave their fortunes and their lives to establish us as a “nation under God.”  For people who diligently obey the laws.  For first responders who take great risks.  For soldiers who died.  For those who returned wounded in body and spirit.

I am quoting from a FB friend (Clyde M. Hughes) who wrote the following:

“I stood six times, 15 feet from Union soldiers who died prematurely as a result of their wounds at Present Arms while the Flag covered caskets passed by or a folded flag was carried to accompany cremains. Six more times we stood at attention while the sad song of Taps was played. I do it for the honor of the tens of thousands buried there. I do it for the great idea of America. I do it because God birthed this nation to be the beacon to the world. I do it for with all my heart I know that even with all our faults, God loves America still.”

Vote tomorrow.

Vote for “one nation under God.”


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5 Responses to AS YOU VOTE, REMEMBER—

  1. Unfortunately, I think there are people who will not appreciate our freedoms until they are taken away, but by then it will be too late.
    Thanks for the reminder, though.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Oh, you are so right. Especially those under fifty or so. Most have suffered no deprivations that amount to anything. It is funny to see those who think the “severe depression” Obama took over was anything compared to those of us who lived in the depression of the thirties.

  2. Faye says:

    So many nations are in the same place as America finds itself. Without God as the very CENTRE of any democracy it will fall. Think of all the great nations who are falling, have fallen and still have not learnt the lessons……. That God His Kingdom is the only unshakeable one. He will be the Lord over ALL.

    • oneta hayes says:

      You are right. I don’t understand those who will learn by history even if they don’t honor the Word of God. His word stands and history has proved it again and again.

  3. Storefortech says:

    You are 100% right, Many of us don’t understand until they get some lesson!

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