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ABOUT ME Hello. To various folks I am Neat’nee, Mom, Grandma Neta, Gramma, Aunt Neta, Aunt Noni, Aunt Neno, and Aunt Neto (lots of varieties from little nieces and nephews). To some I’m more like “Didn’t you used to be my teacher?” or “Don’t I know you from someplace?” To you, perhaps, I am a Fellow Blogger. Not “fellow” like a male or a guy, but “fellow” like a companion or an adventurer. I would choose to be Grandma Blogger, and have you pull up a chair, my website before you, while I tell you of some days of yore. I have experienced life much differently than most of you. It was and is a good life. I hope to share nuggets of appreciation for those who have gone before me and those who come after me. By necessity you are among those who come after me and I will tell you of those who came before. Once upon a time in a little house on a prairie - oops, change that lest I commit plagiarism - and change that “house on the prairie” to “dugout on the prairie.” So my story begins...


Allow me to visualize the sanctification experience as somewhat like this – a greatly simplified scenario. When John Doe is born again, the redeemer, Jehovah-jireh, atones for John’s sins. Although John might sin after his rebirth, God views John through … Continue reading

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  SINNING CHRISTIAN – NOT A PRETTY PICTURE, IS IT? Readers, I received comments on my “guilt” subject yesterday. Worth your time to go see. guilt Can a born again Christian sin? Of course. In the same sense that Adam and … Continue reading

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Is a Christian to feel guilt when he sins? Some say “No” pointing out the scripture that says the devil is our accuser (Rev. 12:10) and Rom 8:1 which says, “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are … Continue reading

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Oh, I have been off subject (holy living/sanctification) too long.  I had to review; this is what my review looked like.  (You probably do not need to review, but here are the links just in case.)  I first wrote about … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Sweet aroma:
Riddle One First I tried because I thought every teacher did it. Then I tried because I thought it was important. Then I tried for my reputation’s sake. Then I just tried. Then I tried…

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Order restored as water returns to rivers – chaotic floods cease. ——–Remembering those whose lives have been devastated by floods.  For most the sun will shine again.  May lives be rebuilt, order restored.  God, give means to start again with … Continue reading

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Poignant and alone, Swing’s quiet.  It’s late summer And school has begun. Weekly Haiku

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Check out the way I spent my light sleep (or awake) time in the middle of the night – rewriting a nursery rhyme. ONE, TWO           – WHAT SHOULD I DO? THREE, FOUR     – … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Sweet aroma:
I have been touched today by a scripture I read this morning.  Jeremiah 48:36, God speaking, “So my heart sounds for Moab like flutes, and My heart sounds for the men of Qir Heres like…

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There are many versions of a parable which consists of a conversation between twins in the mother’s womb.  One questions whether or not there is life after birth, he also questions whether or not there is such a thing as … Continue reading

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