Psalm 43:3.  Two copyrights NIV.  One version:  “send me your light and your truth, let them lead me…” and the other is: “send me your light and your faithful care, let …”

I find out of twenty translations, eighteen say “truth.” Why change “truth” to “faithful care”? Faithful care certainly is a part of “truth” but “truth” involves so many more elements.

We can be lulled to sleep by the image of “faithful care” but the “truth” is we are not promised a rose garden. I think many American Christians are not able to visualize the beheading of Christians as being in God’s faithful care.

Faith demands that we know God is faithful even though it runs up against evil at times. There truth meets, the battle occurs. I am so glad to know the story of Steven’s stoning; to know how even at the end  he saw the Lord.  (Acts 7:54-60)  The truth was he was dying and still in God’s faithful care.

Even if things look bleak for you today the truth is that you are still in God’s faithful care.

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