To my Black Readers.

Great strides were  made in the fifties and sixties when many whites who were as ignorant of the race problem as I, became knowledgeable about the unjust treatment still going on, such as separate water fountains and restrooms.  Advances in technology helped promote the civil rights issues.  We learned about Rosa Parks, the church burning, the “George Wallace” blockade.  And there were changes made.

In recent years you are having to wear the stigma placed on you by your Leaders, the media, BLM and other political organizations, the Democrat party, and others whose goal is to divide us.  Sadly, there are still some white racists in the mix also.

I cite a recent incident.  I was in line to check out at a discount store.  The line was held up because someone was having trouble with getting an approval on her credit card. That “someone” was a black adult who had three young people with her.  Suffice it to say, I heard a snide remark that would not have been made if I had been the one having trouble.  –  That does not mean, however, that snide remarks are not made about whites also, especially if they are fat and holding up a line.  😀  Crude comes in all colors.

I had a student (I think fifth grade) whose name was Larry.  Larry was a good student, made good grades, an all around good kid.  One day Larry was rude and moody, definitely not behaving in his usual manner.  I talked to him privately and found that he was being hassled by other kids who were accusing him of being a teacher’s pet.  That was not cool.  He did not want that in front of the other guys.  I had to lay off giving him gold stars; that’s a figure of speech, I didn’t really do that.  😀   Larry is one child who came to see me a few years after he had left our school. Seems like he was working as a auto mechanic.

I guess that is along the lines of being rejected by your own race.  When you grow up and become an influential black conservative, you suffer the “Uncle Tom” charge.   I make mention of a few:  Charles Thomas, Alveda King, Condi Rice, Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, Alan West, Candace Owens, Laurence Jones, Darrell Scott – and since I’m an Okie, I’ll end with J.C. Watts.  There are many more but I am limiting myself to those who I stop and listen to if I happen to see/hear them on the TV.

It is Sunday night, 11:33, and I want to post this in the morning.  I’m tired and this blog is long enough, so I’m ending with a big “virtual hug” and my thanks to you for letting me talk to you about things that matter.




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  1. Salvageable says:

    It seems that a lot of businesses in black neighborhoods that are attacked during racial riots belong to those successful black entrepreneurs who are seen as succeeding because they “play the game” of the white folks–that is, they work hard, deal honestly with their neighbors, and get ahead. So sad. J.

  2. pranabaxom says:

    What about your hero, the divider in chief Oneta😀? Did you forget about him or just lumped him together with “other white guys”. And you forgot another great black Republican, General Colin Powell, who was “stained” by the WMD neo cons.

    • oneta hayes says:

      My comander in chief is not a divider. He is just loyal to the people who elected him. Isn’t it something how one side yells “you’re a divider” to the person who was elected. Colin Powell almost made my list. I did leave him off because he is a sell out – for the sake of “race.” Do you believe he would have been an Obama supporter if Obama had not been a black? Anyway he did not support McCain who I would expect Colin Powell to have had much in common with. Except race, of course. I don’t believe he changed his views on the military and keeping a strong America. He was just more loyal to his race. My opinion.

      • pranabaxom says:

        You said it. He is loyal to the forty six percent that elected him and the other fifty four percent can go to hell. Well done Oneta. Only a loyal supporter can describe divider in chief so well😀

        • oneta hayes says:

          You believe New York and California should control the United States? That’s the reason for the electoral college. Constitutional. If you don’t like it, start an amendment to the constitution. Or just gripe. How long did it take to pull in enough votes to find 54 percent for him. I’ll bet you will not vote for Biden. You care too much about your bread and butter to vote in a socialist system. You will either sneak in a Trump vote or stay home, What is your suggestion instead of the Constitution? Keep passing ballots to non-citizens and dead men until the count is made? It will easy to do that if the Dems win. And what about Powell?

  3. Faye says:

    We have a well loved Aboriginal conservationist, speaker comedian and actor rejected by his own race because he is ‘too white’. Even Kathy Freeman who won Gold at the 2000 Olympics was labelled in some quarters as not being black enough. Thank you for your blog. Yes we all woke up in the 60’s to the truth of white supremacy. Politics media and a generation who do not want to KNOW are fuelling a lot of angst that is untrue in these days.

  4. Thank you so much for this post Oneta. I will make one comment referring to pranabaxom when he says our president had four years to do things. I would answer that Obama had 8 and he divided the nation more than any president prior to his terms. He made our black and brown brothers and sisters into victims and pushed a victim mentality. I would also suggest that Biden has had years and years of time to make this nation less divided and did not….in fact read his history when it comes to segregation.
    Thanks again Oneta for speaking truth when people don’t want to always hear it.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Thank you. Yes, it seems so logical to look at Obama’s election as being pretty clear evidence of racial unity. President Trump bears the brunt of everything. My sparing partner (Pranab) does go a bit off above, but he is generally quite fun to spar with. President Trump has had to fight gossips and haters from day one. The media has to be the real strength behind our take down. I read Bill O’Reilly a bit ago. He said 25,000 people were shot in the eight years of Obama (98% black). A bit of info that Michelle did not mention last night at the DNC. I noticed all of a sudden Joe remembered God tonight = at least Jill said Joe has great faith and I heard the word God somewhere. Think they will put Him back in their platform during this Convention?

      • marymtf says:

        What I remember about the Obama election was the hysteria. Never mind whether or not he was fit for the job. If he wasn’t voted in, Americans would have proved themselves racists.

        • oneta hayes says:

          At least, that would have been the excuse. Never mind the fact he had never had a cent that wasn’t given to him by the Government; never mind that he seldom voted on any issue in Congress; never mind that he answered one question by saying “That is beyond my pay grade.” Never mind that the only thing he had going for him was as Joe Biden said he was “articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” Oh, well, I was enough racist to feel good about our “black” President. Hey, thanks for the comment. 😀

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