Yesterday I mentioned “essential job” in my post, Home Intruders. There were some comments that made me remember the following draft I have been wanting to use some day. So this is the day. 😀

I am using the image above to point out that “essential” or “non-essential” probably has to do with the product. What is he delivering? He gets paid for doing the job efficiently and faithfully.

God will rewards one according to his faithfulness and reliability to do what He asks us to do, whether it is to offer a smile and a glass of water or run for political office. He does not divide into essential or non-essential. All of his jobs are essential.


I Tim. 1:12 “I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength, that he considered me faithful, appointing me to his service.”

How blessed to be appointed to do a service for Jesus! I’m remembering a man of God, W. R. Corvin, a learned man of high intellect, great ability, and wide-spread influence. He hired Sammy, he pastored me, he dedicated our son, but the most touching memory for Sammy and me is that of a college president who we saw picking up the trash on the campus as he walked from his house to his office.

Which of those activities would we label “meager?” How presumptuous to judge some “services” more noble than others!

Consider this quote by John Newton, composer of Amazing Grace: “If two angels were to receive at the same moment a commission from God, one to go down and rule earth’s grandest empire, the other to go and sweep the streets of its meanest village, it would be a matter of entire indifference to each which service fell to his lot, the post of ruler or the post of scavenger; for the joy of the angels lies only in obedience to God’s will, and with equal joy they would lift a Lazarus in his rags to Abraham’s bosom, or be a chariot of fire to carry an Elijah home.”

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  1. Now that is the truth. We are all essential to God and sent out on His special mission.

    Blessings from mighty King Jesus.

  2. Frank Hubeny says:

    I like this reminder and advice to us: “the joy of the angels lies only in obedience to God’s will”

  3. Needed kick in the pants— thank you Oneta!!!

  4. Love it, Oneta! That’s exactly how it is, we’re all essential to the Lord.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Parable of the Talents. God just wants us to use what he gives us. Don’t bury it and don’t try “buying” goals or ambitions that are not designed for you. Here’s to all the one talent people in this world, giving their all to make someone’s live better.

  5. Faye says:

    i love this post. What Godly Wisdom in your thoughts and the sharing. Thank you.

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