Second: There’s the kind that when they’re broken will fix themselves if we leave them alone. Refer back to yesterday’s blog.

“Just leave me alone,” yells Tanya-teen as she slams the door to her room. Sure enough about supper time, she has recovered enough to come out and ask if anyone has seen her phone charger around anyplace. Phone charger is in her bedroom and she knows it but she wants a reason to join the family again. Mom and Dad gladly oblige her by telling her to look in the kitchen; it might be there.

“Just leave me alone. I’ll work through this on my own,” implores Della, who is newly divorced, and not open to unsolicited advice.

“Just leave me alone. I’m researching my problem on the internet,” says a stubborn Grandmother who believes, that she is coming down with scarlet fever. The fact that that plague was over long ago is not reason enough to convince her – but time will.

Given time, many things will work out, even fix themselves.


Just a small rant here from me. This should have been the attitude of the Covid pandemic. It will settle in. A lot of people will die, but herd immunity will take over. So we didn’t “leave it alone” and people did die and are dying from Covid and from the vaccines. Things are looking up as tests for anti-bodies are showing more people immune from the disease. Turns out sunshine and Vitamin D help a lot.

And since I have gone out on this limb, I have more to say about that vaccine. First of all, Pres. Trump did set the wheels in motion for a race to get a vaccine. He was responsible for the first trial. However, as soon as he found out it did not prevent the disease, I believe he would have stopped the charade and put the pharmacies back on further development. Not continue the fake drama for these two and a half years as has happened under Lord Fauci, who is retiring now and will be paid over $400,000 for life. My opinion. Give me yours in the comments. 😀

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18 Responses to FIX IT IF YOU CAN, part 2

  1. Debbie L says:

    I’m with you, as usual! I’ve now had Covid twice. The first time it was serious and went into long haul. I had double pneumonia. My husband had it at the same time and was even sicker than I was. He lost 25 pounds. What a shock when we read the hospital notes as he was listed as malnourished. I didn’t lose a pound. Weird, we ate the same or I should say we didn’t eat. Lots of fluids. My second bout has not been as bad. And no, we didn’t take any “vaccines” as they are really gene therapy. It’s heartbreaking to learn more facts now about how we may be sterilizing a generation! I’m grateful I have faith in God. I would have gone crazy otherwise. “The Lord is on my side; I will not fear. What can [mere] man do to me?” Psalm 118:6

  2. Debbie L says:

    Here is a link to the article about the impact the “vaccine” may have on reproduction for both men and women:

    • oneta hayes says:

      I believe this. I’ve seen it several places and by watching the experience of others, I see it played out. We will regret this action when we see the results in a new generation. Thanks for telling your experience.

  3. Frank Hubeny says:

    I agree with you about herd immunity, the vaccine and President Trump. We got Covid and recovered. (Thank you Jesus!) We did not get the vaccine.

  4. Kim Smyth says:

    I got “the virus” the day before my dad’s funeral. My husband got it too. At that time, you could go and get an infusion of monoclonal antibodies, so we did, as bad as we felt. We were over the virus in five days! However, I had prolonged fatigue. Anyway, we carried on as usual, only wearing our masks when we had to at drs offices, etc. Life went on as usual for us, because we did not cower and hide due to fear. And btw, nothing was going to stop me from going to Dad’s funeral, so I did and my brother insisted I sit with him and the family. He ended up getting it too, but did not hold it against me. Just like the flu, someone was bound to get it in such close contact. Not many came to attend his funeral, understandably. I felt bad he did not get the respect he deserved, but could not be mad, because of course, I didn’t want others to be exposed. I feel the same way you do about this whole mess. I hope the same thing doesn’t happen with this stupid monkey virus. I will keep my thoughts to myself on that one. 😉

  5. I refused to take the vaxx, despite insane amounts of pressure from people close to me, and I never changed my behavior in an effort to avoid the virus. I’ve had colds and influenza many times before, and they never came close to killing me, so I figured my immune system knew what it was doing. I wore a mask only when forced to do so, avoiding as much as possible any place that required masks. I believed the shutdown was stupid from the get-go. Epidemics are a fact of life, always have been, always will be, and you can’t shut the world down every time another one comes along.

    Last winter I stocked up on ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine so I’d be prepared in case omicron (which was then rampant) decided to come after me. I caught a really bad cold, and was hoping and praying that it was covid, so that I would get lifelong immunity (as opposed to the very limited and very temporary immunity that the Fauci Ouchie provides). I went to the clinic with high hopes, but my test came back negative. So disappointing. I learned too late that if you use a nasal irrigator, it will foul up your test results, because nasal irrigation washes out all the evidence. NOW they tell me…

    • oneta hayes says:

      Sounds like you have a sensible stock to fall back on. Nothing can beat the immunity system God built into us. I don’t want to disable that! I know I have good immunities. I have a lot of issues but they relate to bad heart and broken bones. The immune system helps me recover anyway.

      • I do feel blessed to have a good immune system. I also take common sense precautions, such as a good diet and keeping my weight down. But I don’t trust the big pharmaceutical companies any farther than I can throw them. Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine have been around for ages and been proven safe, and I will certainly take them if the need arises, but I will never volunteer to be a guinea pig in some scheme dreamed up by that schmuck Fauci and his cronies in big pharma.

  6. C.A. Post says:

    Corrective note: Fauci will not receive $400,000 for life but $400,000 PER YEAR for life!! 🤯
    As for the “vaccines,” it is important to note, that while Mr. Trump was trying to do the right thing, rolling out the so-called “vaccines” from Pfizer and Moderna was unwise.
    First, they are NOT vaccines; they are genetic therapy that may be affecting the human genome forever, at least until Jesus returns. The liver uses reverse transcripterase (an enzyme) to ‘reverse engineer’ the mRNA into DNA.
    Second, their roll out with Emergency Use Authorization means they NEVER went through “informed consent clinical trials.” We essentially had a massive global ‘clinical trial’ and have NEVER been offered informed consent (which refers to discussing potential adverse effects as well as alternatives).
    There are still more horror stories coming to light of impaired fertility, heart disease, stroke, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome and depressed immune response. There will be more to come as some people continue to get the jab, and especially if they force the mRNA “vaccines” on children.
    Thanx for letting me join your “rant!”
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

  7. jsneese62 says:

    I have not and will not take the vaxx and as I told my man if they ever try to make me they better understand I bite, kick like a Missouri mule, and scratch. I have had one stroke don’t want another and I also have two heart conditions A-fib and Bradycardia so I don’t need a heart attack either I am also immune compromised so no thank you I have enough health problems. Lord Fauci doesn’t deserve one red cent.
    I remember spending the better part of my young life yelling at people to leave me alone most of the time they didn’t listen. When they pushed to hard they regretted it usually I wasn’t a very nice person then, but I still think because no one would leave me alone especially when I needed to be alone. I have always been a person that was perfectly fine with my own company most of the time. I grew up in a very loud and abusive family I learned alone meant peace and so I relished it when I got it which wasn’t often enough. As I grew I became more and more introverted and if I was in a bad mood the only ones that could interrupt my peace unscathed was my kids they were the only ones that didn’t irritate me like other people did. I turned 60 this year in March and while I still do love my alone time I have let a few others in.

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