What price motherhood? I went out to see the two litters of newborn bunnies this morning. Nestled amid all this furry mass are some babies. I could tell because of the movement in the corners. Yes, I got a peek.

I’ll introduce you to the mothers. No pictures. Mothers often just sit at the side and watch others adore their children. Since Roger is an early riser, he had just been blessed with a stunning display of two mommies nursing their babies. How did they know how to do that? How did the babies know what they were looking for with all that movement in and around and all over one another? They didn’t try to nurse one another. No, they wanted Momma.

The gray-furred momma was purchased as a buck but she was renamed Buckette when it was found that she was pregnant, and Roger sort of knew when because he had observed the act that made him know she was Buckette instead of Bucky! 😀 Sure enough it was just about due day when she started pulling out all that gray fur, from which she made a nice cozy nest to call her nursery.

Now the white momma has a story of her own also. But she was unaware that she was being threatened with exile because she was getting fatter and fatter but she would not accept the new buck, whose name is Gary. Unbeknownst to Roger and ReNee, she had already met Gary. Well R & R discussed selling her as a pet, giving her away, or sending her into exile down at the river’s edge. Until they saw her starting to pull out all that white fur. Then she was encircled with loving arms. a box was added to her cage and behold…another nursery.

Observing these two mothers today was a spiritual highlight for me. God didn’t overlook a single detail in his creation. Amazing, Amazing!

I know there are some animals that kill their babies at birth. I think mostly because of birth defects. But I know of none that kill their babies while they are in the womb.

Isaiah 49:15 “Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you!


*For those who do not know, Roger and ReNee (R & R) are my son and daughter-in-law who live with us. Sammy and I are so blessed to have them here so that we can remain in our home even in our old age. We have a lot of work that has to be done around here; if they were not her to help, we would have had to sell out and move into a place that takes much less work for our daily living. We are so thankful. It is sort of one of those times where the Lord says “I will answer before you call.”

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  1. What a beautiful piece! I enjoyed every bit of it as I am a runner and assistant caretaker for my elderly mother and father, who live separately. but within minutes of my home. I am 66 and my husband is 67 with COPD, so I would be the sole homemaker and grounds keeper if not for our adult son who resides with us and my daughter who lives nearby.

  2. True, Oneta, apparently only humans are capable of that kind of depravity. That’s why humans need a Savior.

  3. Dawn Marie says:

    Hugs to you for the reminder that we have laws in place for cruelty against animals; however, cruelty to the unborn is deemed lawful. 💔 Yet, even the animals know better. ☹️ Prayers lifted up for those who have not yet figured out the rhyme nor the reason… (And extra hugs for R&R and the kindness they offer to both of you.)

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