While browsing through some old writings this morning, I ran on to this which was written in April, 2001.  My note said it happened about “two or three months ago.”

“I have had a mole on my left check for a long time.  I noticed that it was looking “peculiar.”  Since some friends had been having trouble with skin cancers and since I had read that one should watch for changes in moles as a warning sign, I considered what to do about it.  I stood before the mirror looking at it. I said something like this, “I won’t do anything.  If it will do harm, Jesus will take care of it; if it is not harmful, then I don’t need to do anything.”  About a week or two later I saw that it appeared smaller.  I wanted some confirmation about it, so I pointed it out to Krissy (my granddaughter) and to Georgie (a coworker).  I told them to notice it and I would tell them about it later.  A few days later, Georgia asked me if I was ready to tell her yet; there was just a bit left.  I felt it and the remainder came off slick as a whistle.   It left a spot that looked like a freckle for a day or two, but soon I couldn’t point it out from the other freckles, mars, and such blotches! :D”

Was it a harmful mole and Jesus removed it?  Or was it just an amazing coincidence of timing?   Either way, I say, “Thanks, Lord.”

An added incident.  Last year I had a skin cancer on my arm.  I had it removed by a surgeon.  Malignancy was questionable but he got it all out.  I thank God for that healing also.

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10 Responses to PECULIAR MOLE

  1. calensariel says:

    They are scary things, aren’t they? Drollery had some precancerous ones on his arm and face. They gave him some cream that “burned” them off. It was pretty yucky.

    • oneta hayes says:

      I’m so glad I didn’t have to deal with the face one. The arm was bothersome but not too scary; however, it took a long time to heal. The stitches or tape kept coming open. It was because of the large hole left when the tumor was removed. Well now though.

  2. dawnlizjones says:

    I’m liking how you give God the credit, whether it was supernatural or not, it’s all about His goodness and care.

  3. -Arifa says:

    Although we may have different beliefs, we do still believe in God. As you said in one of the above comments, God is good. And like in your post, we should thank him; coincidence of time or not.

  4. Whatever it was, he took care of it.

  5. I appreciated this story because two members of my family have had to deal with this (successfully, I might add). God is good.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Thanks, Robert, for reading and commenting. Yes, God is good; even when I don’t get my way, time shows Him to have dealt with me in love beyond understanding.

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