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Kid’s song from my past says:  “Running over, running over;  my cup is full and running over.  Since the Lord saved me, I’m as happy as can be; my cup is full and running over.”  By it, children were taught that … Continue reading

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“John 10:39 “Therefore, they sought again to take him; but he escaped out of their hand…” John also records in 7:30 that Jesus “hid himself…going through the midst of them.” How did he do that? Did he pull a Houdini … Continue reading

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WHAT DOES THIS PICTURE SAY ABOUT GOD’S TEMPLE? Let me explain. ************* Solomon built God’s first permanent temple. God manifested Himself in a glorious cloud in that place. “So that the priests could not stand to minister because of the … Continue reading

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Not only outside was she beautiful, My sister was beautiful inside. She was a Proverbs 31 woman. She fought a brave battle For fourteen years. August 24, 2019, she was released from her body of pain, Into eternal life. She … Continue reading

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A few years ago, I started a speech off like this: Today I want to talk to you about my mom, Amy Rodgers Venter, and how her death affected me. Oh, I’m not talking about the pain, the agony, the … Continue reading

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Alive Forevermore!

Your future is bright. Jesus is no longer there. As He is, so you can be – Alive forever more! ******************* Joining you all, dear friends, in thanks to Jesus, our hope of glory, our present and future life eternal … Continue reading

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The Love of the Godhead

THE LOVE OF THE GODHEAD – FATHER, SON, AND HOLY GHOST                                Your love amazes me                       … Continue reading

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The joy of 84 years and 362 days!  You ask me the ways?  I’ll tell you.  A clothes closet packed full with clothes – none new.  But oh, the possibilities of a new combination.  I found one today and I … Continue reading

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  Church buildings have changed!  Yes, indeed.  Church people have changed!  Yes, indeed.  My granddad spent much of his time and resources building little churches somewhat like this, often in towns on the “wrong side of the track.”  These people … Continue reading

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John 15:5  “I am the vine…” dependent: i’m not good enough. i’m not strong enough. i’m not rich enough. i’m not smart enough. In fact, i’m not good, strong, rich, or smart. But i’ll make it, Because HE is. I’ve … Continue reading

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