Sadie was downcast at the attitude displayed by her friend, Elsie.  Elsie had assured Sadie that Jake was husband material.  She did all but tie a Cupid’s Bow around his neck.  Sadie was stringent in refusing Elsie’s melodramatic, nearly bare-faced order to consider her counsel.  Thus the silent treatment as Elsie harbored her grudge.

A bit of background is necessary here.  You see last week Sadie had accepted Jake’s offer to come visit her and bring along something from the deli.  Sadie had waited in anticipation at the windowsill, but what she had seen left her crestfallen.

As Jake entered the gate, he appeared to get upset with Potsy, her beloved Poddle.  For a bit she thought he was going to slap or pummel Potsy.    It is true that Potsy took a linear run at Jake and seemed to threaten his ankle.  Maybe a bit of anxiety would have been proper, but never the glimpse of hostility she had seen in him!  Why if a man didn’t like Potsy….!

But Elsie would not pay any attention to Sadie’s reason.  Elsie thought Jake was a good catch even at the expense of her poor, pretty poodle, Potsy!  So silly.


Image:  Pixabay

Thanks mindlovemiserysmenagerie for the Wordle Challenge:  Use at least ten of the following words in a story.  Slap, catch, pummel, linear, melodramatic, stringent, harbor, bare-faced, Cupid’s Bow, windowsill, crestfallen, silent treatment.

I used twelve. Linear, however, is a bit fakey. 😀





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  1. ivor20 says:

    Yes I agree with Sadie, Potsy knows her humans.

  2. pranabaxom says:

    Dog and God know humans well.

  3. Jules says:

    Animals know… I would trust the dog. That being said self preservation comes in many forms including a hostile reaction. It is possible the dog and man just needed to get slowly antiquated.

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