Headline: Horrific: Biden admstration’s handling of Haitian migrants at US border is shameful

Headline: Chuck Schumer Criticizes Biden Administration Over Treatment Of Haitian Migrants

Biden has had to come out of the basement lately, so we occasionally find a taint on the Biden administration. Even acknowledged by Chuck Schumer and USA Today!

We conservatives are feeling quite confident that the Republicans will take over the House next year, and quite possibly the Senate.  Although we might not be able to get conservative issues passed, we can stop the wild spending and some of the lunicy – such as sending millions to the Taliban after they whipped us and send us home, of course, keeping some of our Americans in case they need hostages later. 

BUT let me tell you this story.

         I had to have oxygen replacements.  I was on my last tank and the company would not deliver any to me until October 18.  So the family loaded me and the tanks up for the quick run.  Obviously I was physically and mentally stable enough for them to trust me on that errand.

      I’ve been to the company several times before but this time I lost my way.  I became frustrated which resulted in even less “independent” stability.  Played “drive round about the block” until it was “drive around the miles.”   I finally called  and asked how to find them. 

        Needless to say I was a bit “hot under the collar” when I finally got there.  But my obstacles were not over.  There were more when I arrived.  I’ll save those details.  They told me to drive around back where they would help me.  So I did.

There was a young man—thirty or so– who came out to pacify me.  I reminded him that they had supplied my oxygen for three years. In that time they had delivered on any Monday after my call. What had happened? He kindly explained why they could no longer service me.  1. They had lost a valuable contract resulting in financial loss.  2 . Covid had caused problems.  3.  They only had two trucks left.  4.  But only one driver.  5.  They had tried and were still trying to hire someone but no one would work for what they could pay.  6. Medicare was coming down hard on them to only do the minimum.  (For me that probably meant to service the clientele who could not leave their homes.  Even I understand that.) 

        With that list of recent hits, I sympathized much.  Our following conversation was something like this:

 Me:  Well it seems to be the way everything is going now.  All business are being hit hard. 

Him:  Yes, seems that way.

Me:  Better get used to it, because we don’t have a chance for a change under this administration.

Him:  Oh, I don’t think it is the administration’s fault.

My thoughts.  Oops, I’m talking to a person who does not understand cause and effect.  I’d better escape. 

My words:  We might not get a change until Jesus comes.

He agreed.

Can people no longer make connection between cause and effect!

Now tell me, if the “blind” lead the “blind” how are we going to win in an honest and informed election next year. And add to that the unlikely-hood of having an honest and fair election.

The slight withdrawing from Biden right now is to try and restore a bit of reassurance that the Dems are not as dim as they have been acting.   It is hard for them to back the guy who has to get out of the basement occasionally.  And when he comes out, he says things like “They told me to say…” or “They will be mad at me if ….” What a leader!

Reminds me of another maneuver that seemed to have been tried last week.  Cut off his mike! 

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20 Responses to CUT, CUT, CUT THE MIKE!

  1. Yep!
    The blind leading the blind and the blind leader is do dim witted he doesn’t know where he is let alone going and madame speaker is a egotistical rich nut job and you’ve got the likes of Maxine Waters claiming border agents, who hav had to resort to riding horses, are whipping black Haitians back into slavery— of which is a proven lie— these are our leaders —
    And yet many voters are like the young man you were talking to— “well I don’t think this is the administrations fault..”
    Really????? Well whose faulty is it then— I suppose his if he voted for the mess we’re in!!!!!
    Did you get your new tank?

    • oneta hayes says:

      Yes, I took in 22 tanks. The young man said I could only replace 20 (short supply of course). That was fine. But I said “I guess you will make it right with Medicare.” He said, “Oh yes, I’ll bring you two more.” So he brought out two empty ones for me to refill later. That made it honest. If I had not asked I guess Medicare would have been the loser since they had at some time been charged out to me. As active as I am, I wonder about me having them at all, but my heart is too weak to do its job if I am not giving it some help. I’m grateful to you and all the other tax payers out there. My share of taxes anymore is not much. However, I did toss my “fair share” to the gov over many years of my life. My husband and I are fortunate and thankful for the long life after retirement.

  2. Yinglan says:

    You were so blunt to the man, Oneta. I applaud you. I never would have the courage to say such things to anyone. I agree, there are people nowadays (including some of my family members) cannot make the connection of what’s happening to the world or even around them. It’s like they’re zombies trudging through life.
    Though I loathe politics, I’m a conservative and I agree, this wild spending spree must stop.

  3. Faye says:

    Understanding of situation from across the sea here where prayer still flows as we too journey through some unsettled days as we try to keep our eyes upwards. I certainly trust healthwise you are Thank you for blog. .

  4. It’s not that hard to spot incompetence.

  5. Oneta, at first I misread the words, thought they said, “cut off his mask!”
    …on second thought, a little more oxygen to the brain just might help …

  6. fgsjr2015 says:

    “Headline: Horrific: Biden administration’s handling of Haitian migrants at US border is shameful” …

    Over decades I’ve noticed the exceptionally strong work ethic practiced by migrants, especially in the produce harvesting sector. It is typically hump-busting work that almost all post-second-generation Canadians won’t tolerate for themselves. Every time I observe them, I feel a bit guilty, since, considering it purely on a moral/human(e) level, I see not why they should have to toil so for minimal pay and not also I?

    They work very hard and should be treated humanely, including access to Covid-19 vaccination and proper workplace protection, but often are not. While I don’t favor Canada-based businesses exporting labor abroad at very low wages if there are unemployed Canadians who want that work, I can imagine such laborers being more productive than their born-and-reared-here Canadian counterparts.

    I’m not implying that a strong work ethic is a trait racially genetically inherited by one generation from a preceding generation. Rather, I believe, it’s an admirable culturally determined factor, though also in large part motivated by the said culture’s internal and surrounding economic and political conditions. I anticipate that if they (as citizens) reside here for a number of decades, their strong work ethic and higher-than-average productivity, unfortunately, likely will gradually diminish as these motivated laborers’ descendant generations’ young people become accustomed to the relatively easier Western way of work.

    • oneta hayes says:

      I did not mean to imply either or against work ethics of any group. My point was that the media had finally acknowledged a move by the Biden administration that was “horrific.” Media largely ignores any mention of a Biden goof-up. Thanks for taking the time for interacting with me.

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