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This message was given by Haggai to Zerubbabel eighteen years after Cyrus issued the decree that sent the Jews back to Jerusalem from their captivity in Babylon.  This first flux of Jews returned with much enthusiasm but their enthusiasm was for themselves.  They built houses and set things up nicely for themselves, but failed to get around to building a new temple for the Lord.  God was displeased with that. 

1:3-11 God rebukes them quite strongly.  “Give careful thought to your ways.  You have planted much, but harvested little….You earn wages only to put them I a purse with holes in it.”  12-14  the people repented and the Lord send word back to them, “I am with you.”  Then he stirred their hearts to get the job done.

Chapter 2:  The Lord says to the people that He knows this temple doesn’t look like much compared to the former one (Solomon’s temple, dazzling in its beauty), but he promised “I am going to be with you in this temple.”  They were not to fear because the Lord was going to fill this house with his glory.  “The glory of the present house will be greater than the glory of the former house.  And in this place I will grant peace.”

10-19  I have tried research on these verses.  It gets me no place.  God does end that section with a promise.  “From this day I will bless you.”  I understand that; I imagine those Jews did to.  The part I don’t understand was also probably something they understood.  Perhaps referring to traditions or sayings of that day.  What I know is that they changed their ways, built the temple, and that obedience changed God’s punishment to his blessings.

20 to the end – God’s special pleasure toward, and his promise to, Zerubbabel.  The promise was that Zerubbabel would be “like God’s signet ring,” meaning he would have authority of God.  I do not know how that worked out in Zerubbabel’s future.  It would certainly be a mark of honor.

NOTE:  This temple was quite plain in its beginnings but it was made over by King Herod and became known as Herod’s temple.  The temple was in use in Jesus’s day.  Jesus would have gone there for Passover.

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16 Responses to HAGGAI

  1. simple and not much to look at—and yet He still blessed it—that speaks strongly to my heart Oneta—thank you

  2. Oneta, the Lord spoke to me through the book of Haggai (“Hey, guys…”) a few years ago. Thanks for the reminder, and an idea for an upcoming post. 😉

  3. Frank Hubeny says:

    Good point that when God fills the house with His glory there is no need to fear.

  4. Faye says:

    Thank you.
    Several great meditation points in this blog. How much of His Glory is seen in the sometimes behavior of His Called forth and REDEEMED Children who are Temples of His Holy Spirit in our day. Few want to speak of repentance in 2021. .

  5. Salvageable says:

    Great study! Permit me to add my two cents…
    Verses 10-19 talk about contamination and sanctification. They reflect the reality of the old covenant as delivered through Moses in the book of Leviticus. If one item is holy and another is contaminated by sin, the second can contaminate the first, but the first cannot sanctify the second. Modern hospitals follow the same guideline–if two things touch and one is contaminated, the other must be regarded as contaminated until it has been cleansed.
    Jesus reversed the process of Leviticus in the new covenant. When he touched lepers, they did not contaminate him (as in Leviticus) but he healed them. When he touched a corpse, it did not contaminate him (as in Leviticus) but he raised the dead back to life. He bears our sins without being contaminated by those sins, and we are forgiven and made holy. Because the Temple is a picture of Jesus–a forerunner of Jesus in the Old Testament–it could also sanctify the lives of sinful people and deliver God’s blessings to them. J.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Thanks for a worthy explanation. Do you see here a prophesy of Jesus? Whether or not it is prophesy of Him, hindsight shows it to be true. We surely are blessed to live this side of the cross! In the new covenant.

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